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Zenith Port Royal Open Grande

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The Zenith Port Royal Open Grande is a timepiece that emphasizes simplicity and classic textures, focusing on discrete details and functionality. It is a classy model that evokes a sporty spirit without bringing in too many complications or intricate functions. So how could anyone resist to its extraordinary designs and flawless time accuracy?

Genuine Zenith El Primero Grande Port-Royal Open 03.0550.4021_21.R512

Yes, I did say that the dial is quite simple. It has an understated elegance even though it features clever sub-dials and functions. The rectangular case, the unique font used for the hour markers, tourbillon window and two counters create a beautiful geometry of forms and utility. The watch comes in two size versions. One is the 36 mm x 48 mm and the other is 38 mm x 51 mm. The case back is actually a see-through window that exposes the fascinating in-house Zenith El Primero 4021 B movement.


The stunning dial of the Zenith Port Royal Open Grande is incredibly difficult to clone, as you will see in this article. Finding a perfect copy of this watch is not that simple. I have included a few photos of a replica and one of the genuine timepiece so I can compare the two watches and expose the errors.

Dial Big

The dial is a huge disappointment. It is totally different than the one of the original Zenith Port Royal Open Grande. The texture of the dial has nothing to do with the one of the real watch. There are other serious aspects too. The 30 minutes dial counts up to 31 instead of 30, the power reserve indicator has a totally different design and the tourbillon window allows us to see that the inside movement is not the same as the authentic one- for instance, it does not have the colored jewels. Some extras have been added on the dial of the replica- like colored screws and a semi-circular ruler at 6 o’clock. The only things on the dial of this replica that are identical to the authentic watch are the minutes indexes and hour markers. Even the small silvery star above the brand’s name is in the incorrect format.

Bavk Watch Case


I was hoping that the outside of the Zenith Port Royal Open Grande knockoff would be better than the inside. I was disappointed to see that this is not the case. The rectangular case of the watch was supposed to be brushed stainless steel, but instead it is overly polished. The winding crown and pushers seem to be the only ones that respect the correct shape and proportion, just that the finishing is plain awful. The next problem is with the strap of the replica. The authentic timepiece has a beautiful black rubber band whereas the imitation has a tacky looking black leather strap. The problem is that the leather is too shiny and there are threads coming out of it.


Finding a good quality replica watch is never easy, but when you know what to look for on a fake timepiece things get a lot better. With patience and basic information about the authentic product, anyone can purchase an exact looking Zenith Port Royal Open Grande replica watch.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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