Written by | Sites Review is a disappointing website with an odd name for a replica watch website, created as a reference to YouTube. However, they don’t really manage to bring the professionalism and good service YouTube provides so their reference is only a reminder of how bad they are as an online company.

If you manage to get over the bad grammar and actually take a look at the watches you will be disappointed again. First of all, all the watches are on the left side of the website and the categorization is not user friendly at all, so it will take you a while until you find the replica watch you want to buy. Once you found the replica watch you will be able to see a fair amount of pictures with it, but unfortunately all those pictures are of bad quality, so you won’t be seeing much anyway. This is a terrible thing to do for a website that sells their products online and that’s the only way their customers are able to decide whether they like a product or not.

Another thing that bothers us is the information section. What is wrong with a little more information about the whole process? They seem to lack the ability to produce coherent information and you are left in a blur when it comes to the whole payment and return policy process. This is definitely a red flag, especially because the return policy should be a strong point when it comes to online companies, as it is the only way the customer is able to know that in case they don’t like the product, they are able to return it and get their money back. Another problem is the fact that orders over 300 dollars are sent on to the billing address of the credit card, so you won’t be able to surprise someone with a gift from this website, but why would buy want to buy something from here anyway?

It seems that this website is only a row of disappointments, it managed to disappoint us not only with the services and the products it sells but also the way you browse it and the whole design. If we were to buy a replica watch, we would definitely avoid this website at any costs, since there are so many trustworthy websites available out there.

Last modified: January 11, 2013

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