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The WOW factor is what sets in motion our thirst for exquisite luxury timepieces, the reason why we pick a Rolex over a SEIKO, and also the reaction we hope others will have while admiring our recent acquired replica watch. A slightly misspelled WOW is what triggers woawatches.net and what shapes its business. Let us a take a tour of the awesomeness it has to offer.


There is nothing interesting on the home page, except the big promotional banner and the numerous watches listed as “New”. So, let’s see what brands we find in the left side menu bar and browse the collection! This may turn out to be a real challenge as the list of available brands is incredibly long. I mean, you scroll and scroll and you feel like you will never get to the bottom of it. This company has a truly remarkable and inclusive collection of replica watches. I bet that you can name any luxury watch brand that pops into your mind and you will find it here.

The prices are very low and start at $50 for the Japanese watches. Just imagine, you can buy from this place a Swiss Rolex watch at $147. For a watch passionate person like me, it is really difficult to cope with the idea that such a thing does exist: a Swiss Rolex at less than $150. Even for a replica, it is an outrageous low price. I am a little bit skeptical that these watches are able to deliver the quality you expect to get when you are ordering a watch online, any type of watch regardless of the brand name or price. No one wants to buy a watch that breaks in a couple of days, regardless of how less it costs.

The shipping fee varies from $20 up to $30 depending on the delivery country. For example, the delivery to USA is $20 and to more remote countries it is $30. The estimated time needed for delivering an order is about 5-10 business days. EMS, DHL and UPS are the shipping carriers used by woawatches.net for sending the orders.


There is nothing wow about the esthetics of this website. The page has a very simplistic layout and fancies a grey and orange color scheme. The top and left side menu bars are unbelievably plain, but also quite easy to use so this doesn’t bother me that much. As a personal note, I find the whole design very unflattering and with no connections to what the name of the company wants to suggest: an online store where every virtual inch will make you say “WOW”.

You can never succeed by doing things half-way. This is one of the problems with woawatches.net. They tend to do things halfway just to have a nice and shiny display window when in fact the inside of the store is empty and a huge mess. This is what I felt when opening the pages of their products. There was nothing about the quality or materials of these watches. There are no product descriptions. Not a single word is there to make you understand what you are paying for. Not caring about these important aspects shows how disorganized this whole business is.

The watches have a 14 days exchange and refund policy. This means that within the first 14 days of receipt you are entitled to send it back for a replacement or for a refund. It doesn’t say what happens after the first 14 days, if there is also a repair policy and its extent. Please note, that the shipping fees involved in returning the items are supported by the customer and not by the company regardless of the reason of the replacement or refund. So before deciding to ship it back, take a long moment to think it over and see if it is worth the hassle and additional costs. Don’t forget that you get what you pay for and in this case it is a $50 Chinese replica.

I was shocked to see that the only accepted payment method is Visa, even though in the bottom of the website it shows the logos for Paypal, Western Union and Visa. The truth is that after Checkout you only have the Visa option. This doesn’t make me feel very secure about this online transaction. Providing just one form of payment shows how unreliable the company really is.

Pictures: The pictures are obviously copied from several sources and merged together so that everything looks nicely and real. The truth is that I seriously doubt the legitimacy of this company, if they don’t even provide product description and photos of their actual replicas. Not offering any of these two important things usually means that the website is a scam. Everything posted on this webpage shows that you can’t trust the merchant. The website is made from pieces copied from the Internet and put together to offer the impression of a successful business.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service: The customer service offered by woawatches.net is just make believe for the more gullible online shoppers. The company surely doesn’t have a professional customer care department that is assigned to handle the inquiries and complaints of its customers. Why is that? Let’s start with the fact that the only way to get a hold of them is by using a gmail account. How unprofessional is that? They don’t have a business email, no phone number and definitely no chat service.

Summary: Woawatches.net is the ultimate expression of a Chinese replica company: poor website content, zero customer service and unreliable after sale services. Trusting your hard earned money with this company is a high risk and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The wide selection of replica watches and very low prices provided by the company are compensated by its lack of product descriptions, deceitful product photos, impossibility of communicating with them and the troublesome replacement and refund policies.

Last modified: April 18, 2013

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