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Are you looking for a replica watch just for you? Are you craving for the one watch that will complete your collection? The perfect timepiece that will cause a stir of envy among your friends? has prepared a very rich collection of fabulous designs and every one of them was carefully picked out as to satisfy even the most demanding watch collectors. At least, this is what it claims. Let’s find out more about this online replica watch store!


The collection includes both Swiss and Japanese watches. Japanese watches cost about $100 and the Swiss watches start at $250 and go up to $400. The inconvenient is that you can’t sort them by price or by Swiss/Japanese made. This makes it very difficult to browse their selection. The description page of the replicas is very well made and constructed so that it presents all the essential information you need to realize if these watches are worth it.

The delivery is free WORLDWIDE and the shipping companies used to send the packages are EMS and DHL. A tracking number is provided for all orders. The delivery time for European countries is 5-7 days and for USA, Australia, and most countries of South America it is 10 days. It seems pretty fair, especially if you consider that shipping is FREE. I like the fact that the company has a lost package policy and if after 4 weeks there are no updates on your package then it will be considered lost and reshipped.

CONS: is a decent looking online store even if I find its design a little bit old school and dull. I’m not too keen about boring esthetics, about color schemes that play it safe or about layouts constructed to be and to look simple and plain.  It is just not my thing. There is not a single thing that catches my eye or that will make me ever remember this website . The menu bar presents the most important brands, the big banner talks about the 60% discount and about the free delivery, and the lower part of the home page re-lists the brand names.

The company doesn’t seem to provide that many famous luxury watch names, but if you start browsing a category you will be surprised to see how many models it has to offer. For many watch collectors it will be quite a huge joy to discover so numerous different designs, although it wouldn’t hurt to add an Advanced Search option. No one wants to waste a whole day shopping online. Just saying! offers a 6 months repairs warranty and a 14 days refund/exchange policy. The repairs warranty covers any manufacturer’s defects while the refund/exchange covers any type of defects. Please note, that you can’t simply request a refund/exchange if you are not happy with the item. You can return it only if it is faulty. The shipping expenses are paid by the customer and a restocking fee of $40 will be deducted from the refund amount. And let’s not forget that the merchant first needs to receive the items and inspect them, which probably takes forever.

The company accepts only credit card payments: Visa and Mastercard. There are no alternatives to card payments so don’t even think about Paypal or bank wire because these are not an option. I am not too happy about this. It is my honest opinion that merchants should work harder on providing to their customers’ reliable and divers payment methods, especially on the very competitive and risky online market.

Pictures: The pictures are not of the best quality I have seen, but this is not actually the big problem here. The big problem is the name watermarked on the pictures, This is most likely the former domain name of the company.  Merchants that jump from a domain to another so fast that they can’t even get the necessary time to change the watermark, are merchants that are unstable and unreliable. There is a very big chance to order today and the very next day to find out that the company no longer exists.

Domain registered: HONG KONG

Customer Service: For Live Help we are advised to click on the Live Chat button. Surprise, surprise! The button doesn’t do a thing, except re-direct you to the Contact Us page where you only have the Contact Form and the email address of this company: The email is obviously a very unprofessional Gmail account and yet another proof that this merchant is not liable. I am pretty sure that this shop can’t be trusted and after reading the Contact Us page I am even more convinced of this. Here the company is referred to as I do not trust online stores that do not have a responsive customer service, and that in addition have changed names so often that they can’t even keep a track of it.

Summary: seems to be a source of high quality replica watches where all orders benefit from incredible discounts and free worldwide delivery. The reality is that this store is another shady replica company that has changed its name so many times that it doesn’t even bother to edit its website content anymore. This is probably because it has been shut down so often that such “subtle” corrections seem a waste of time.  Beware of a website like this because you may end up losing your hard earned money.

Last modified: August 7, 2013

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