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I don’t consider myself a very snobbish person, but I just can’t forgive a replica watches site that doesn’t understand how important optics is in this line of business. We buy replica watches because we like beautiful watches not because of their internal qualities or extreme precision. So, for us, appearance is the main thing when it comes to deciding what to buy and from where to buy it. Of course, we also care about getting a working fake watch, but only after we are sure that its aesthetics is perfect. Today, I came across a very interesting new replica watches site: It looks like a very promising online store, just that at first glance you can’t help but notice its rudimentary design without any touches of professionalism or elegance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Maybe there is more to this company than meets the eye.

So we have already established that this store is very common looking. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; especially if you consider the fact that it offers a very wide selection of replica watches. And when I say wide, I really mean wide. The top menu bar has only a couple of brands listed while the left side list displays one of the longest collections of fake timepieces I have seen in a while. This company really has it all, from the usual Rolex, Omega, Breitling and Cartier to Alfa Romeo, Citizen and Diesel. The diversity of watch brands is amazing and each one includes hundreds of beautiful knockoffs.

2015 New Swiss Replica Watches

I do not know about you, but when I find a replica watches site with so many products and I already know what I want, I always find myself hoping that it has an advanced search to ease the whole browsing process. This option is a real life saver when you are in hurry or when you don’t want to be tempted into buying something else than you initially wanted. I was happy to see that has a very useful and easy to use Advanced Search option. This includes the option of browsing the products by Gender, Strap Material, Strap Colors, Dial Colors and Movement. It has everything you need to locate the desired style of replica in just a few clicks.

All the prices are in displayed in GBP. What I have noticed about these replica watches is that the ones equipped with a Japanese automatic movement cost about 150-200 GBP while the ones equipped with a Swiss automatic movement are 200-350 GBP. The prices are pretty affordable and correspond to the average prices available on the market for these types of products. One thing I do not like about the site’s functionality is that it doesn’t provide the option of filtering the replica watches by a certain price range.

The product description page isn’t very detailed, but it is very inclusive. It manages to mention shortly all the relevant specifications about these fake watches. The pictures are also very good. These are all very clear, bright and show all the important sides of the products. But even though when you look at the images you have the clear feeling that these show the actual products that the company sells, the name watermarked on the photos is of a different site. This isn’t very professional. When a company changes its website, it should also change the name on its pictures. accepts the following payment methods: Visa and Mastercards. I am very glad each time I see a replica store that takes card payments because for me this is the most secure option ever. My bank will always protect my online transactions, but I also must say that any reputable company should offer to its customer’s alternatives to card payment. There are people who don’t want or can’t pay with their card online and for those people there should be the alternative of paying by Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Wire.

We are all looking to get the best shipping deals ever and luckily this company offers free worldwide delivery. It sends packages all around the world without a shipping charge. It says that the estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days which is really fast for free shipping. The packages are dispatched with EMS, DHL or FEDEX and a tracking number is provided.

When you buy a replica watch online, you want to be sure that the quality is good. But how can you do this? Well, the best way is to check if there is a repairs warranty or return policy. In this case, there is a 180 days free repairs warranty which is actually pretty great and a 14 days refund and exchange policy. Of course, all the shipping back costs must be covered by the customer and in case of return, a 20-40 GBP restocking fee will be charged.

If you were expecting customer service then don’t get your hopes high with Even though it has a wide selection of products and really nice looking policies, the customer service is almost non-existent. The company does not have a contact phone number, email or a live chat button. You can only send a message using a contact form displayed on its Contact Us page.

When it comes to buying replica watches online you never know what to expect, some may seem like a really good idea while others may look like scams from miles away. One thing is certain though- no company is perfect. Take for instance, this store isn’t too good looking, but it has numerous good things to offer: a wide collection, decent prices, free worldwide delivery and a 180 days repairs warranty. Its shortcomings are the lack of alternatives for card payments and an unprofessional customer service.

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