Written by | Sites Review represents everything we hope to find in a replica: good prices and designs that cannot be distinguished from the real ones. Its focus is on Rolex and on providing the best Rolex imitation watches available on the e- market. So far everything sounds pretty good, but let’s determine how much of this is real and how much is fake.

PROS is a simple looking website. It doesn’t have an impressive design, or a complicated layout or nice banners. Apparently, it seems a website constructed in a couple of hours, but actually, it has a lot of cool functions and menus that clearly required some time to be implemented. On the left we have the Rolex Menu and the Product Comments bar. On the right we have the Buyer Talks and the Article list. And in between we have everything else that matters, like the 30% discount banner and the Hot Products list. It is not an impressive website, but it’s pretty good for a replica store.

The company sells only Rolex watches. Its products are equipped with Asian automatic movement, Japanese quartz and Swiss quartz movement. The selection is very wide and includes all the original collections with their hottest designs. For any watch collector or Rolex fan it is a real joy to browse through these beautiful timepieces. If you are in the search of your dream Rolex watch then you will certainly find it here. Plus, if you buy 3 watches you get the 4th one for free. Now, that’s a good deal!

The prices are pretty low considering the designs they have and the quality the company promises. Japanese watches are about $80-$150 and Swiss watches are about $150-$300. If these replicas are as good as they say then it is a real bargain. The product page is pretty poor in information. The description is very vague and written in incomprehensive English. The nice part is that it has a “User Comment” option where customers can submit their opinion or questions about the product. accepts all major credit card companies, such as Visa; MasterCard online, JCB, American Express; and also Western Union transfers with a 5% discount. For credit card payments the maximum amount per order is $1000 and they can run your card only once per day. Knowing that they have a strict policy about card payments is very reassuring, especially as the above mentioned ones are designed to protect the customer from any fraud attempts or double charges.

Most countries get free shipping with Registered Mail if the order is over $50 and the delivery time is 10-16 working days. Express Shipping means EMS and it takes about 7-12 business days. It costs about $20. To more remote countries, the shipping is more expensive. It is about $35. A tracking number is provided for all packages and it usually takes about one or two days to process the order for shipping.


From what I have read on the Return Policy page, you can ask for a replacement or refund only if the product has quality problems. Reasons such as “I changed my mind” or “I do not like it” aren’t acceptable with Still, if there really is a quality problem then you need to contact the company within the first 7 days for a refund or in 14 days for a replacement/exchange, and ask for a Return Authorization so you can send it back at your own cost. “Back” probably means all the way to China. The rules are pretty strict and you may want to carefully read all of them before ordering. It doesn’t say anything about a repair warranty and it probably isn’t one.

Pictures: The pictures are of very high quality and this allows you to see every small detail on the watches. For example, you can even read out the small writing from the protective foil wrapped around the band. The pictures show every marking, every angle, every part of the watch that is important to determine the quality- everything at high clarity. The photos look too good and it convinces you that these were taken in the company’s own studio and that these represent the actual products they sell.

Domain registered: USA

Customer Service: offers customer service by email and supposedly by chat. Still, the chat line is never online and you can only leave a message. The good part is that they at least own a professional sales email address where you can send your inquiries and hope that they will be answered in a fashionable time frame. The company doesn’t seem to have the best customer services, but as always finding a reputable and liable replica store is a long shot.

Summary: We are used to come across a company that seems to have good quality products, good prices, free delivery and good deals, and to be discouraged by its unprofessional looking website, lack of customer orientated return and warranty policies, and a low quality customer doesn’t convince us that it is a worthy candidate to become our number one source of replica watches, but it definitely isn’t one of the bad guys. It simply is a mediocre website providing average merchandise and services.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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