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Who doesn’t like watches, especially luxury watches? These are the most desired and stylish men accessory ever. When you wear an expensive brand on your wrist everyone looks up to you. A designer watch empowers you, gives you a certain prestige and elegance. It is all you need to feel like a millionaire. True connoisseurs of our lust for luxury timepieces- online sites- don’t cease to tempt us with extremely beautiful replica watches at prices that meet our budget. The trick is finding the store that mixes affordability with reputability. Is such a store? Let’s find out!

Top Swiss Replica Watches

Judging just by its looks- no, I don’t think it is such a great online shop. It has everything you would expect to find at an amateur site. The design is ugly, the graphic’s quality is quite poor and the homepage is just too busy. At the top there are two overlapping menus, in the left there is a brands menu, in the right a smaller menu with the most popular brands, in the middle a section with sponsored products organized by designers, and under all this there are texts and other sponsored, discounted or recommended products- divided in separate sections. Oh, and let’s not forget the numerous banners from the right side of the screen. tries to offer a considerably varied collection of replica watches as it includes numerous different brands. Still, there are not that many models to choose from due to the fact that the company offers only Swiss fake timepieces. Mostly, these brands categories include only a dozen or a couple dozen items. Naturally, browsing the products isn’t such a tiresome process, but eager to please its customers, the website also includes an Advanced Search option. If you need to filter the knockoffs, there are plenty of criteria to choose from like gender, movement, band material, dial color and case material.

As you would expect from a Swiss replica watches seller, the prices of these products are very high. There’s not much to choose from under $500. Usually, these timepieces range between $550 and $750. That’s just insane for a replica. Sure, I understand that these are supposed to be perfect imitations, but let’s not forget that for $1,500-$2,000 you can get an authentic Tag Heuer or Omega from their entry level line. I think that this replica site should consider aligning its prices to what most fake merchants ask for their Swiss products, $250-$450.

Most of the pictures posted for these replica watches seem to be taken in a professional studio and to reflect the high quality of the products, except for a couple of them that were taken in a different setting and that are of a different quality. Sure, I get that over the years a company will add new items to its collections and it is possible to not have the option of making catalog photos of these replicas in the same studio and with the same photograph, but it still doesn’t look good to have different type of pictures. offers a diversified collection of payment methods. The store accepts the following options- Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union and AliPay. Apparently, if you pay with Western Union or AliPay you get a 20% discount. I sure don’t know what AliPay is, but I know when I should stay away from a replica watches store. And this definitely looks like the type of store you should avoid. Why is that? Well, if you select credit card as payment method the page redirects you to a different replica website. I really do not see a reason for doing such a thing. If you choose Western Union or AliPay it displays the details where you are supposed to send them the money. And that’s it. No order number. No confirmation email.

As expected, is one of those fake watches companies we love so much, the ones that offer free worldwide delivery. The best part about this store is that it claims to offer speedy delivery by EMS, UPS or DHL. Usually, a package dispatched with EMS takes about 7-10 days to arrive and a package sent by UPS or DHL is delivered in less than 5 days. Sounds pretty good, isn’t it? And another thing is that it takes about 3 days to have your replica watch ready for shipping.

The satisfaction of the purchase you make on this online site is guaranteed by a 7 days refund policy. It seems that a full refund can be issue only for quality issues, wrong item or damages during shipping. Of course, this request must be backed up by photos proving the problems. If the reason for returning the goods is different than the ones mentioned above then the company may charge you a restocking fee. Also, all the costs incurred by shipping back the products must be paid by the customer.

The customer care offered by this company is a little different than what we are used seeing at a professional merchant. Basically, you can contact its agents by Skype, MSN and email. The store does not provide a phone number or a regular chat option. I agree that it is still better than nothing, but I would have loved to see that is more preoccupied about offering professional and responsive customer services to its customers.

I do agree that it is very difficult to find a perfect replica watches store and that one should be prepared to accept a few flaws from a website, but tends to overdo it. Not only the company has staggering prices for its products, but it also shocks you with its way of taking payments. The fact that the credit card payment option directs you to a different website and that if you choose money transfer it just gives you the info where to send the money without giving you an order number, all this really makes you wonder if it is such a safe place to order replicas.

Last modified: February 13, 2016

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