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Our passion for watches is what sets in motion our need to have more and more exquisite replica watches designs, models meant to enrich our watches collection and to style-up our outfits. There is finally a in town, a salon where replica watches are at our discretion. Shall we check it out?


PROS: is a fresh looking website that surprises us with a classy black design brighten up by green color accents. It has an aesthetic that is totally new to me. I am used seeing the same website templates over and over again at different online replica stores, but this one is completely different. It is an original looking fake watches website that is very appealing due to the use of very large banners and product photos. It is also very nicely structured offering an easy delight to our eyes, a delight that invites us to browse more and discover all the wonderful fake replica watches that it has to offer. accentuates the functionality of its watches by having a menu that includes buttons to collections that are grouped by the following criteria: Asia Automatic, Japanese Quartz, Swiss Automatic, Swiss Quartz, Valjoux 7750 movement and Manual winding. Right from the start we are reminded that the inside quality of a watch is what matters the most. Sure, we are looking for a replication of a very famous and expensive designer watch, but at least let’s buy something that will work well and last for a very long time.

The company offers about a dozen different watch brands, but each one includes a very wide range of designs. For example, only the Rolex category includes about 5,700 different models. That’s very impressive! Each brand is divided into sub-categories that have the same name as the original collections and there is also a very complex and easy to use Advanced Search option available. This Search function can help you search through the thousands of replica watches and find the style that interests you. The search criteria are gender, strap materials, strap colors, dial colors, movement, and price. Simply select the desired particularities and it will narrow it down for you. offers replica watches for all budgets. From $69 knockoffs to $1000 fake Rolexes, here you will find something you can afford. The replica watches equipped with an automatic Japanese movement are the ones that are more affordable and these cost $69-$300. The imitation watches that have a high grade Swiss automatic mechanism can cost from $300 up to $1000 depending on the complexity of the inside movement, on the design and on the materials used for the watch.

This online replica store has a pretty complex shipping policy. For example, most countries of the world can benefit from free delivery if the order is over $50. But if the order is for less than $50 then a $9.95 fee will be charged for shipping. In these cases, the orders will be shipped with Regular Mail and the delivery will take about 10-16 working days. If you need the order sooner you can choose Express delivery which starts at $19.95 depending on the weight of the package. In this case the delivery will take about 7-12 working days. All packages are shipped with a tracking number and this is supplied to the customer when the products are shipped.


The product description page is not very good. It isn’t either professional or very descriptive. It just mentions the essential specifications of each replica watch. Still, it does a pretty good job at informing us of the particularities of each product and of the quality we should expect from it. claims to accept the following payment options: Visa, MasterCard online, JCB, American Express and Bank Wire. Unfortunately this is not at all true. Actually, it couldn’t be more false. After Checking Out, the Order Form only gives you these payment choices: Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. If you choose Western Union then you are asked to pay an additional charge of 5%. Indeed, it is difficult for a replica store to be able to process that many payment methods, but why lie about it especially if the customer will eventually find out and this always happens before submitting the order? It doesn’t make sense especially for those customers who only own one type of card, like let’s say AMEX. Those customers spend hours browsing and selecting watches and when they are finally ready to submit the order they find out that this is not possible for them because they do not have the necessary means to pay.

The company provides a 7 days refund policy. Interesting enough is the fact that you can return the watch for a refund or exchange only if it has any manufacturing defects. You cannot send it back only because you do not like it. claims that it will not accept return claims such as “not like in the pictures, not happy with the quality and I do not like it”. So it does not matter if you are satisfied with the replica watch you have purchased from this fake watches website, because once you have paid it you are stuck with it. What more could I say? This definitely sounds like a fair policy!

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Pictures: All the product pictures posted on this website are of excellent quality. These are large photos with a high clarity that show the watches from every possible angle and also put accent on the small details and on the authenticity markings. Furthermore, due to the particular photographic style you can tell that these images were taken in the company’s own studio and that these represent its actual merchandise.

Customer Service: One of the first things I have notice when entering the website was the very large “Live Chat” button. I considered it a good sign towards the professionalism of this online replica store, but after clicking it I definitely changed my mind. When you click on the Live Chat button it loads a page that says “Your request could not be completed, as the account you are attempting to reach is no longer active.” As there is no phone line available, there are no other direct contacts with the company. The only option left is to communicate by email at

Summary: is a fresh online replica merchant who provides high quality replica watches at fair prices. It has a very wide and diverse selection of bestselling designs that are classified by the functionality and accuracy of the inside mechanism. The fake watches website has nice product pictures and provides free delivery. The unpleasant parts about its business are that it lies about its accepted payment methods, it is very difficult to contact customer service and it does not provide a “no questions asked” refund policy.

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