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Luxury, precision and quality at an affordable price- this is what convinces us to consider buying a replica watch from online stores like But no matter how appealing the idea might be, we still need to be wise shoppers and examine the company very carefully before ordering. How’s the quality? Does it provide good services? Is it a reliable store? These are just a few of the questions that we will answer together below.

Popular Replica Watches is a pretty attractive website. It has a pleasant and intuitive homepage that focuses on usability and promotional incentives. By using an elegant template with a gray and blue color scheme, the company emphasizes the discounts mentioned in the text from the upper side of the screen and from the sliding banner. The layout is pretty unusual. The top menu has only two buttons- for Home and Specials. The left side menu bar includes all the available brands, in the center there are banners for the most important categories and in the right side there are the sponsored products. Somehow, it all looks pretty good and appealing.

The company offers a truly impressive selection of replica watches. The brands available here are a dream come true. A quick look through these designer names will instantly stir your interest. From expensive and prestigious brands like Rolex, Omega and Vacheron Constantin to fashion icons like Cartier, Dior and Maurice Lacroix, here you will probably find your much-sought after timepiece. Every category is divided into sub-categories which make browsing a lot easier. There is also an advanced search option included in the page to help you sort the fake watches by price, gender, strap material, strap color, dial color and movement.

Clearly, is a firm believer of the idea that you don’t need to rob a bank to afford a watch that is stamped with the name Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer. Its imitation timepieces are pretty affordable. The Japanese automatic movement fakes cost about $80-$200. Usually these knockoffs are really decent clones and keep good time, but the best quality available on this e-store is the Swiss one. The Swiss automatic replicas are the closest imitations there are and the prices range from $200-$400.

Having good quality pictures for your products is everything in this business. Websites like this one have a lot to gain by offering its own professional studio photos. By listing many large and clear images for its replica watches, images that show the items from various angles it manages to convince its customers that the quality of the knockoffs is really good. You can see everything in these pictures, the quality and shine of the materials, the beauty of the craftsmanship and the accurateness of the markings.

If you are looking to save on delivery then you will surely appreciate the free shipping option offered by If you opt for this type of delivery then your package will be sent out with registered mail. Basically, the package will arrive to you in about 14 business days and the tracking number will be updated very slowly, but, hey, it will be free of charge. If you prefer a faster option then the alternative is to pay about $20 and have your package delivered by EMS. In this case, the package will arrive at your door steps in about 7 business days.

In the order form there is only one option for payment and that’s Western Union. Amusingly enough, it says on the page that if you choose Western Union you get an additional 5% discount. What other option do you have if the site offers only Western Union? No way is Western Union a good payment option for ordering replica watches online from a website you haven’t ordered a thing before. It is very risky because once you send the money there is no way of getting it back. Credit card payment is by far a better and more secure choice. has a pretty harsh and complicated return policy. Basically you can return a product for a refund or replacement only if it is defective or the wrong model. If you are just dissatisfied with the quality or you do not like it then there is nothing you can do. Such a reason is not acceptable for sending back one of its replica watches. Also, for a refund you need to send the product back within 7 days from the delivery and for a replacement you need to send it within 14 days from the receipt date.

One thing you can be sure of- you can’t trust a replica watches store that doesn’t offer decent customer service, especially one that doesn’t have a working chat button. I think that pretending to offer a chat service is worse than not having one at all. On this site there is a chat button, but when you click it a page loads where it says that the service does not work. This means that you are left with only one option for contacting the company- to send them an email and just wait until they bother answering it. deceives you at the beginning. It makes you think that it is a professional store with an elegantly designed website, affordable prices, really good product pictures and free worldwide delivery. This perspective changes when you find out that it accepts only Western Union payments and that it accepts returns only if they’ve sent you an incorrect or defective product.

Last modified: February 13, 2016

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