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In the business of imitations it is pretty difficult to distinguish what’s a decent online replica store from what’s not. Any fake watches website can be your next deception so be on the lookout and learn how to separate the liars from the straight arrows.

Pure Swiss Replica Watches

The Art of Faking:

Uwatchtime.comseems to be a blog, or at least it tries to give the impression that it is a blog. It has some incoherent text on the homepage talking about watches, an upper button “Hot-Sales Watches” with just a blog post and another very obvious “Online-Store” button. Funny thing, when you click on the “Online-Store” button it redirects you to another page: Pureintime.com which is an actual online replica shop.


So what is PureinTime.com? And what do I think of it? The most obvious thing is that it manages to pull off a pretty decent look. It has the appearance of a very nice, elegant and professional online store. Its design emphasizes simplicity with a clean background smoothened by a whitish center section meant to present the brands, banners and sponsored replica watches. At a first glance PureinTime.com does a very good job at looking good. It is everything we would expect an online replica store to be: classy, simple and user friendly.

On the top menu bar we observe a short and functional menu which includes links to pages such as “Home”, “Special Offers”, “New Arrivals”, “Watch Boxes”, “Customer Service” and “Contact Us”. The product menu can be found in the left side of the page and it includes all the available watch brands. If you start scrolling down the list, you will see that this enumeration of luxury watch designer names seems to be never-ending.  Without any exaggerations, it is very likely that here, at PureinTime.com, you will pretty much find any replica watch you desire.

I have started browsing the collection by clicking on the very intriguing yet suggestive “Bull’s Eye Zone” Category.  Here there are brands such as Audemars Piguet, Breitling and Jacob&Co, only 14 items, the crème de la crème.  The replica watches are of two types of quality. One is the Japanese that includes watches with an average grade inside mechanism and are priced at about $200-$250, while the Asian movement watches are of a better quality and cost about $400-$700 depending on the complexity of the design and of the internals. The prices seem fair when we consider the reasonable quality advantages of the Asian mechanism.

PureinTime.com is one online replica company that is able to accept very diverse forms of payments such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire. At first I was very skeptical about the truthfulness of all these claimed payment options, but after checking out and filling in the required payment information I was proven that this is the honest truth. These days, there are not that many replica watches websites that can process all the above mentioned payment forms so it is only natural to doubt such a strong statement of liability and professionalism, especially when you are dealing with a fake watches merchant.

The company provides free worldwide delivery by Hong Kong Post and the estimated delivery time is 8-14 working days. If you wish to benefit from express delivery then you can choose to pay extra and have your parcel delivered in 3-10 working days by EMS, HKEMS, DHL, FedEx or UPS. All packages, regular Post or Express will be shipped with a tracking number and this way you will always be able to trace your order and see where it is. Also, do not forget that the time necessary for preparing a package for delivery is about 1-2 business days.


As I have said earlier, PureinTime.com offers an incredibly wide selection of replica watches, but it fails greatly at presenting them as it does not include an advanced search option on its website so we can easily browse through the collections. The only thing it does have is the option to sort each sub-category by price and name. Luckily, each brand is very nicely divided into sub-collections that do not include more than a couple hundred items.

The product description isn’t that elegantly presented either. The text is written in a very faded gray color and the lettering is too crowded, making the description very difficult to read. Apart from that, the content is much summarized; it simply enumerates the basic specs of each replica watch without detailing the particularities.

If you wish to return a replica watch for a refund or exchange then you can benefit from the company’s 8 days return policy. The condition for sending back the fake watch you have received is that the product is unworn and in its initial condition with all the original packaging and labels. Please consider the fact that all the return costs are your sole responsibility. Additionally, if you are sending the replica watch back for a refund then a 25% restocking fee and a $50 return fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. I don’t know about you, but all these fees seem a little bit costly to me.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The pictures look very good and seem to be actual photographs of PureinTime.com’s real merchandise. The only observation I need to make is that the size of the images is too small. You cannot enlarge the pictures to see clearly the finer details of the replica watches. There is only a small magnifying square that you can position over parts of the images and that magnifying squared lens is supposed to enlarge the details, but it does not do its job that well.

Customer service: As always, when it comes to Customer Service, replica companies tend to deceive us and PureinTime.com is no exception. This online replica merchant doesn’t supply any sort of customer care that is even worth mentioning.  It only has a Contact Form on the website and that’s it! There is no email account, no phone number and certainly no chat button.

Summary: Uwatchtime.com, the non-existing replica online store is actually a pretend to be blog that is meant to direct its visitors to PureinTime.com, a fake watches shop. A simple path that connects those people who are searching for good quality replica watches with an online merchant that is worth dealing with. Pure and simple, PureinTme.com seems to be a place where we can find excellent fake watches at pretty decent prices.

Last modified: August 11, 2014

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