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An Ultimate Source of Swiss replica watches. We all want to find it. We, watch collectors, who adore complicated timepieces and still hope to find the smallest price-quality ratio. Who knows? Maybe UltimateSwiss.com turns out to be the website where this becomes possible.


UltimateSwiss.com seems to be a pretty old fashion website with its blue, red and gray color scheme, and its vintage looking buttons and banners. Usually, I’m the first one to criticize these kinds of websites, but not this time. This time I actually think that it is the perfect look for a Swiss selling replica watches online store. I just wish that it wouldn’t waste the top of the page with the company’s name, chat, phone number and search buttons. You have to scroll down a lot just to get to the menu. The website isn’t perfect, but it will have to do for now.

The Swiss watches cost about $400-$600, while the Japanese watches are about $100-$120. These are the usual prices for decent quality replicas. The description page of the products isn’t too elegant, but it serves its purpose quite well. It presents with rich details every piece of information regarding the quality, materials, weight, sizes or functionality of these watches. Anything you would ever think of asking about a replica timepiece is already explained here. Sometimes the content is what is important, not the appearance.

The company ships orders all over the world without exceptions, and for orders over $499 the shipping is free. The packages are shipped with EMS and this pretty much means that the orders are dispatched from China. Chinese companies are keen on using EMS. The estimated delivery time is 7 to 14 business days. The shipping time seems a little bit long, if you ask me. A tracking number is provided for all packages and the delivery is guaranteed by the company.


Like I said, browsing through the website isn’t that smooth as you basically need to scroll all the way down just to view the menu. The menu is divided into two categories: Swiss and Japanese. Each one includes a very long list of brand names so you can say that the overall collection is pretty large. Each brand is organized in sub collections which allow you to access the designs more easily. Of course, an advanced search option isn’t included. Why should one be available? Especially, when you are confronted with such a wide selection of products.

The company offers a repairs, refund and exchange policy, but for neither of these it does not say the time frame. The repairs policy covers any manufacturer’s defects, but no other problems such as water damages, scratches or broken glass. When sending the package back, the customer must pay for any shipping fees involved with this process. Only the price of the watches will be refunded, but not the shipping fees, plus, a 5% restocking fee and the payments fees will be deducted from the refund amount. In the end, you will basically get a small fraction of what you paid for when you ordered the replica.

Ultimateswiss.com only accepts Visa card payments. I am very reserved towards websites that are able to process only one type of payment, especially when that type of payment is credit card. Furthermore, the page where you are supposed to enter your card details is a non-secure one and after you punch in your card details and submit it, the website loads a page where it says that your order was submitted and that you will be contacted. And what about your card details? Are you supposed to just wait and see if the payment gets eventually processed after you have entered your card number on a non-secure page? That is highly not recommended.

Pictures: The pictures do not inspire me too much confidence. From product to product, the quality, size and the style used to take the photos vary. This suggests that the photos were not taken in the studio of UltimateSwiss.com, that it may not even represent its merchandise and that the photos were copied from different sources. Some pictures are obviously made by an amateur while others are of an unbelievably high resolution, so clear that you can distinguish even the smallest particles of dust. My impression is that the photos were copied from different sources and merged together. This makes me think that the merchant doesn’t deserve our trust.

Domain registered: United Arab Emirates

Customer service: I am always happy to see a company that offers customer support by phone, email and live chat, and this is also the case with UltimateSwiss.com. Still, these communication channels must also proof themselves responsive. These should serve the interest of the clientele and should be an immediate way of responding to the needs and inquiries of the potential customers. I have tested the phone, email and live chat services of this website and none of them has turned out to be functional. The live chat connects, but you get no answer to your questions. No operator joins your session. The phone calls are not being picked up. You only have the option of leaving a message. And the emails aren’t answered in less than 48 hours.

Summary: UltimateSwiss.com is an online merchant providing a very high selection of replica watches, both Swiss and Japanese made. The prices are affordable and the shipping terms are fair. The downsides of this company are the complicated warranty and return policies, the non-responsive customer service, the non-secure payment page and the limited payment choice. All of the above are very strong motives to reconsider purchasing from this merchant.

Last modified: July 4, 2013

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