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We all want to own a real Rolex and this is exactly how we are tempted to buy from this online replica company: Touch the Rolex Dream! tempts us to get our hands on the best authentic looking Rolex replica there is and feel like millionaires as long as we wear it.


The home page presents the best of this site, meaning, a short description, the hottest products, a big free shipping banner, a very interesting article list, and what I find to be quite innovative for the replica business: “buyer talks” and product comments. Believe it or not the “Buyer Talks” posts also have photos of the customers. I really don’t expect these comments to be real (from actual clients), but I do think that it’s a nice touch to the image of the company.  It presents what everyone imagines buying a replica online is: an extremely satisfactory and cheap journey towards wearing a high quality Rolex watch. How often does it come true? Each time a customer makes an informed shopping decision.

The real difference between this online replica store and others is that it sells only Rolex watches. I honestly can’t mention another replica website selling only one brand of knock-offs. Indeed, Rolex represents a big part of this industry, but still you could earn much more by selling more than one brand. The good part is that when you focus on just one niche you manage to do things better and offer the best quality available on the market. This could be the case for any company that is really interested in investing all efforts for supplying superior quality imitation watches. offers two basic payment options: Credit Card or Western Union; and when they say credit card they mean: Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express. These card companies are the most accepted methods in the world and all major online stores take them. The fact that this seller offers such a wide selection of payment options, shows that he is liable and trustworthy.

CONS: is one of the plainest website I came across so far and I like to think that I’m not that picky. Usually I like online stores that use a white background and simple layouts because they tend to better point out the beauty and quality of their products, but this one is plain dull. It is white with grey text, a very common and large photo on the home page and a left side menu bar. It doesn’t have anything out of the ordinary, except its boring design.

Remember the Free Shipping banner from the home page? Well, I’m afraid it’s a little bit more complicated than that. Reading the Shipping and Delivery page is a real challenge due to its many rules and variables.  Let me start with the fact that shipping isn’t actually free…I mean, it is free for most countries (but those most countries aren’t mentioned) and only if the order is over $50. Oh, and let’s not forget that it takes about 16 working days to receive the order. Express shipping is almost $20 and it takes about 12 days. It doesn’t seem that express to me!  And for a very long list of countries, shipping is $35. Also, do not forget to check and see if your country is included in the very long lists with an average delivery time of one or two months. Story short, it is my honest opinion that the shipping policy is a strong downside of this company.

The Return Policy is another endless list of conditions written with the sole purpose of refusing your return no matter how big your problem is. Presumably, they offer a 7 days refund policy and a 14 days exchange policy, but it seems impossible to qualify for these two options. For example, they will not issue a refund if the product doesn’t look like in the picture or if you are not happy with the quality. Why? Because they manufacture the replicas following very strictly what is displayed on the website. They do not make mistakes. You do! This amuses me. It is the first time a replica company uses this justification for rejecting a refund when the reason is“the product delivered doesn’t look like on the website”.  The exchange policy is as strict as the one for getting a refund so it is pointless to go through it. Bottom line, if you are unhappy with your purchase they will make everything possible to keep it this way.

Pictures: The website shows very good quality and accurate pictures of what seems to be their actual stock. The photos manage to show up close the details, the markings and the particularity of each replica. Just by studying these images you can get a good idea of the quality you will be receiving from As I have said above, I really think the pictures shown on the site are of the actual replicas they sell and I must say that these watches are pretty good imitation timepieces.

Domain registered: PANAMA

Customer service: offers only email and live chat service, even though I am not that sure that the live chat option is really available. The chat button doesn’t have the online/offline notification. It just says “chat now” and if you click on it then you are asked to leave a message, so I am not convinced that you ever get the chance to be attended by a live operator. It seems that a contact phone number isn’t available and this makes me think that the company is either fake or based in China and they can’t provide this service due to the unavailability of an operator who speaks English correctly.

Summary: is an online replica website that sells only Rolex knock-offs at very affordable prices. It is the right place for a watch passionate who is seeking to find the largest selection of Rolex imitation timepieces available on the Internet.

Last modified: April 5, 2013

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