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Where do we find top of the line replica watches? The Internet is so infinite and so are our options, but more infinite are the possibilities of mistakenly ordering a low grade replica and paying a fortune for it. This is why we continue our quest of finding reputable replica merchants by focusing our attention on This online replica store promises to deliver high quality Japanese and Swiss watches at a fair price. As responsible watch collectors that we are, it is our duty to check this merchant thoroughly as see if this is a fact or just an act.

PROS looks like a stylish and classy website. It has a clean and sleek design worthy of any self-respecting replica watch company. The color scheme is the safest choice possible: black and gray. You can tell that it tries very hard to look elegant and tidy. Nowadays, this is something that really deserves our appreciation. The store is really easy to browse. On the top you have a menu bar with only a few of their brands, and on the bottom you have a sliding menu with all their brand names. What I find pretty interesting is that the Home Page says Oops!

The prices start at $90 and go up to $900. Obviously the price variation is due to the quality of the watches and the more expensive Swiss watches are the top of the line. Some say that a really good Swiss replica is undistinguishable from the original one. Considering this it definitely is worth the money! The description page of the products looks quite professional and it is very informative. It basically tells you everything you need to know in order to estimate the quality and price value of these imitation watches.


Their collection doesn’t list too many watch brands, but each category includes quite an impressive number of designs. Going through all of them will be quite a challenge.  It is such a shame that despite the pretty website design, they did not bother to implement a simple advanced search option. This would have made it a lot easier to shop for your replica. Imagine that after 13 pages of Breitling watches, I still did not make it to the Swiss models. If you are looking to get a Swiss knock-off from this website then you need to prepare yourself with a lot of patience.

The packages are shipped with EMS and DHL.  A tracking number is provided and the delivery takes about 7-9 business days.  The company states that it usually needs 2 business days to dispatch your items, even though on every single product from their store it says “ships in 24 hours”. So which one is it? Please note that overnight delivery is not available and that the shipping charges are about $20 for EMS and $30-$40 for DHL.

The store offers a return and exchange policy. You are supposed to ship the order back within 14 days from the delivery. The shipping charges and the safe delivery of the products are the customer’s responsibility. This also refers to the initial shipping charge which will not be refunded, in case a refund is requested. Of course, the refund or exchange will be processed only after the goods are received back by the merchant and inspected. Any intentional damage or worn signs will revoke the refund or exchange request.  It doesn’t mention if a repairs policy exists and what it covers.

On the FAQ page it is stated that the accepted payment options are Visa, Mastercard and Paypal. The truth is that after Checkout you have only one payment option and that option is Visa. Misleading its customers like this regarding the accepted payment methods gives us our first reasons to doubt about the company. Vulnerable online merchants are the ones that are unable to offer alternative payment options. Providing only one payment choice shows that this website is not a trustworthy one.

Pictures: On the photos there is a watermark saying “”. This clearly means that the photos do not belong to The pictures were either copied from a different store or this website used to have a different domain. Regardless of the reasons for this name mess-up, it is still another reason to doubt about the liability of the company and about the quality of its products. This is, if it actually sells watches and if it isn’t another bogus replica website.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service: Customer service is the heart and soul of a company and, in the online business; it is also the most important test of authenticity. To test how real and how committed a company is you just need to check its customer care department. In this case the store fails to convince us. Why? Because it starts with two lies: “ appreciates any of your questions, comments or suggestions about our products, services or our website. Our customer service team is at your service 7*24 by live chat.” The company’s name isn’t „” and the live chat button doesn’t work. It redirects you to the Contact Us page. The email address is incorrect:, there is no contact phone number and the Contact Form is probably also bogus. It is more than enough to think that this is a Scam.

Summary:  The identity of is still very unclear to me. The domain name says Topwatchesline, the homepage says, the photos say and the Contact Us page says I honestly don’t think that this is just another case of mistaken identities; I am pretty convinced that it is just a simple SCAM. I do not recommend to anyone to purchase from this store. Better to be safe than sorry!

Last modified: July 4, 2013

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