Top 10 Replica Watches

Watch Model Notes Rating Source

Rolex Submariner

As a rule of thumb, the less complicated the watch, the better replica you will get. This fake Submariner is one of the best knockoffs I've ever bought. It's not 100% imitation, as I told you in my reviews many times - perfect replica doesn't exist. The only flaw of this replica is bezel engraved numerals are not as deep as on genuine Rolex. Other than that it's flawless. The weight is right, the band doesn't feel hollow, like on cheap fakes, the second hand sweeps and the movement is accurate. Review



GMT Master PVD

While comparing this fake GMT Master II to authentic Rolex I couldn't find any difference, well, I did find some eventually :). Green GMT hour hand should always be placed over the hour hand and not under it. This replica has its GMT hand under the hour hand. Review



Rolex Day Date

This is another example of fairly simple design perfectly replicated. Fluted bezel, all the engravings, cubic zirconia "diamonds" and presidential band are exactly as they should be. Review



Omega Seamaster

Great imitation of famous Omega Planet Ocean series, although back case design is slightly off. Review

Black Submariner

A good replica, definitely above average, but few details are wrong. Date window is not perfectly aligned with cyclop on the crystal. The clasp is taken from Rolex Explorer model and looks nothing like genuine Submariner clasp. Rest of the was specifics look similar to authentic watch: inner bezel engravings, uni-rotational bezel, smooth mechanism and o-ring under the winding crown. Review

Carrera Calibre 36

This knockoff is the exception that proves the rule. Although this Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 replica watch has very complicated dial details, I must say it was imitated pretty good. One of the few negative aspects of this fake watch is that hour markings are barely visible at low light conditions. The weight seems right and leather band very sturdy and comfortable. Review

Hublot King Power

Fake King Power Foudroyante in Zirconium model is not the best replica I've ever seen. The back case is totally different. It should be see-through instead of solid back cover. Rubber band is not very comfortable. Review



Breitling Bentley

As it often happens with chronograph replicas, subdial markings are wrong! This is a dead giveaway that this watch is a knockoff. Review



Everose Daytona

Bezel markings are slightly different color than on genuine gold Daytona. Rolex crown is positioned wrong on the clasp. Review



Red Rolex Daytona

The weight is too light, crown on clasp is not in the right place and engravings on inner part of the clasp are just wrong. Review