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For those who are looking to buy beautiful designer watches at affordable prices there is always a way. And in this case, the answer is replica watches. These imitation products have the power of offering the great feel of luxury, but at a price that we too can afford. To find out how to know which online replica store is worthy of our attention and which one isn’t, continue reading this review. Review

It comes a moment in the life of every experienced replica shopper when all the websites look alike. Mine hasn’t come yet even though I have browsed hundreds of these types of eshops, but for some reason looks very familiar. I have seen this design before even though this is the first time I have accessed this page. There are numerous fake timepieces shops out there that use the same template. It is a very common layout and frankly I do not understand why as it isn’t that professional or elegant.

The website is a tiresome mix of elements that bother the eye. There are two menu bars on the top of the page. One is for Special and Featured Products and the other one is for Information, Ladies’ Watches and Men’s Watches. In the center of the page there is a medium size banner stuffed with pictures of numerous different watches. Under it there is a brands menu with logos as buttons and even lower there is a huge chunk of text.

Even more interesting is that after you click on one of the brands from the menu the page redirects you to a different domain named The company has a huge collection of company names that range from the most famous ones to the less luxurious ones like Guess or Victorinox. Every category is divided into sub-collections, a very inspired decision considering the fact that every brand includes hundreds of different models.

This merchant has a very interesting selection of replica watches. Apparently, it has three types of movements. One refers to the timepieces with an Asian automatic movement, the second one includes a Swiss ETA self-winding mechanism and the third one is the ‘Clone” quality watches. Curious to find out why the “clone” type of replica is better I started browsing the website. They claim that these watches are 99% identical to the genuine one both in terms of design and mechanism. The Asian knockoffs cost about $100-$200, the Swiss ones are about $100 more and the “clones” are $100 above the Swiss ones.

I was pleasantly impressed by the pictures of the replica watches displayed on this website. The store offers for every single one of its replica about 8-14 high quality photos that display the products from every possible angle. The pictures are very clear, can be enlarged and allow us to get a glimpse of the quality we will be receiving if we order these watches. From the complexity of the dial to the shine of the stainless steel, every detail is thoroughly presented in these images.

Tag Heuer Replica Comparison

Even though the pictures of the replica watches are beautiful, clear and very detailed, the knockoffs shown in the photos are not that accurate as the merchant wants us to think. When we compare photos of the authentic Tag Heuer Formula 1 with the ones of a Tag Heuer Formula 1 replica we notice many differences in the design of the dial. This is the part of the watch that gets the most attention so mistakes here are unacceptable. First of all, the colors of the Tag Heur logo located under the 12 o’clock position are brighter than should be. The most bothersome is the green which looks more like a neon shade. Then, the date window is located in the wrong spot. It should be next to the 4 o’clock hour marker. Instead, it is between the 4 and 5 o’clock marker. The color of the date window is also different. The original one has a black background with white numbers. The replica is the other way around. Next, the minutes and hour hands should be silver with white luminescent coating, but the fake watch has black hands. The bezel is also incorrect. The gradations on its surface are slimmer than the ones engraved on the genuine timepiece.

When it comes to the accepted payment methods, this website takes a pretty diversified range of options. It supports credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and JCB) and it also processes Western Union and Bank Wire. The thing that makes me doubt its liability is the fact that the credit card payment processing page isn’t secured. It does not have that https at the beginning. This means that the details you are entering online are not encrypted, thus anyone can access them., or whatever its name is offers the following shipping options: Registered Air Mail, EMS, DHL and FEDEX. The most attractive one is registered air mail which is completely free, but it is a little bit slow due to its estimated delivery time of 15 to 20 business days. Then there is EMS which costs $12 and takes about 7-10 business days to arrive. DHL costs $30 and has an average delivery time of 5 business days whereas FEDEX costs $35 and delivers the package in about 3-5 days.

On the return page it does not say a thing about offering a refund or exchange in case you do not like the product. The only thing it says is that it provides a 180 days free repairs warranty that covers any manufacturing defects. It also states that water damages are not covered. Furthermore, the customer is responsible for all shipping back costs. Another important detail is the fact that the Return page is full of errors. The text pasted here looks like a HTML coding.

On the website there is a button for the Live Chat service, but this button does not do a thing. It is just for show. When you click on it, it opens a page which says that the service isn’t available because an email address hasn’t been specified. Looks like, the Live chat isn’t functional because it hasn’t been configured by the merchant. Other ways of contacting the store are by Skype and a Gmail email address. or Which one is it? The dual personality of this online replica merchant makes me doubt that it is a reputable source for high quality knockoffs. The company has a large collection of watches, affordable prices, worldwide delivery and nice pictures, but its customer service is just for show, the return page is full of errors and does not mention anything about a refund and the product seem to be considerably different than the original ones, in terms of looks.

Last modified: May 14, 2016

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