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I’ve been buying replica watches for a while now and each order I’ve placed was the result of extensive research. This and only this has kept me away from disappointments. I know for sure that when you base your decisions on information that clearly shows how trustworthy a company really is you are one step away from a very satisfactory replica watch purchase. This is why I am keen on showing you how you can review a fake watches store. Read the below replica watches store review for as it is a very thorough guideline for what you should check before buying a knockoff online.

Fake Watches Sale

Let’s begin with the design of the website This page surely isn’t an example of professionalism or modern design. It is too simple for my liking and the whole design appears to be old fashioned. The background is white, the upper menu bar is blue and bulky, and the medium size banner is overwhelmed by the numerous sponsored products that fill the homepage. The only good thing about its design is that the list with available brands is located in the left side of the screen so it is really easy to find the desired category and start searching for a replica watch.

The company lists a very large selection of brands and each one includes many different models, some of the most popular designs launched by the original companies. Most categories have a couple hundred fake products and these are divided into sub-collections, but the browsing of all the items is still very tiresome. This is because there is no option of filtering the products or searching for a specific style by using an Advanced Search.

Most of these replica watches come with a Japanese automatic movement. There are only a couple of knockoffs with a Swiss ETA movement and all of these are Rolex. The other brands are available only with a Japanese mechanism. The replica watches that are equipped with a 21 jewels Miyota movement cost about $60-$90 while the Swiss ones are $100 to $150. I find these prices very low, much lower than the average price available on the market for these fake watches.

The pictures of these knockoffs are a huge question mark regarding the company’s professionalism and the quality of its products. The photos are from at least 5 different sources. The merchant has copied those from all kind of catalogs and compiled them into something that would resemble to a trustworthy online store, but it didn’t succeed. It is obvious that these pictures do not show its actual merchandise and, frankly, I am afraid that the quality is far from what we see in the images. is one of the great companies that ship packages all around the world with the best international carriers, such as EMS, DHL, UPS and TNT. Unfortunately it does not offer free delivery. Delivering your order at your address, regardless of the destination country, is charged a flat rate fee of $19.99. Normally, it takes about 5-8 business days to deliver your order and a tracking number is provided.

The company cannot process any other types of payments except Visa and Mastercard. Of course, credit card payments are some of the most used and preferred options for paying online, but it is very reassuring to know that the company from where you are ordering is professional enough to offer alternatives to card payments. Plus, not having a https payment processing page is really concerning as this means that the card info you are entering on their site isn’t secured.

The return policy doesn’t sound very fair to me. You can return the products only within the first 5 days from the delivery and only if the store made a mistake when sending it to you- wrong color, size, model- or if it is broken. You can’t return it if you do not like it or if you have ordered the wrong model. I find this highly unacceptable. And there’s more! A 15% restocking fee may be applied to exchanges.

And when it comes to customer services, has nothing to show for. There’s no live chat option on the website, there is no phone number available or email address listed on the page. The only thing it offers is a Contact Form that you can use to send a message and afterwards you are just supposed to wait until you get an answer.

When ordering replica watches from online stores we must always be very careful about whom we trust. seems to be like any other shop, but first impressions tend to be deceiving. Because even though this company has a large collection of beautiful knockoffs, very low prices and fast worldwide delivery, ordering from here implies a lot of risks. The product pictures are copied from numerous other sources, it takes only card payments, the credit card form isn’t secured, the return policy is very unfair and it does not provide professional customer services.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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