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When you’re passionate about watches there is nothing better than wearing a brand new timepiece. I simply adore unwrapping the packaging and discovering my favorite watch. I usually buy a new replica once every couple of months. This is why browsing the Internet and finding new stores is one of my constant concerns. I am very keen on ordering my watches only from the best shops with the best prices and quality. Today, I am going to tell you everything about a new site I found online- Stay tuned to find out if its replicas and services are the best in town!

My first impression about is that this is a very professional and reputable store. In this line of business, appearance is everything and this site makes a very good impression. The website is very well designed. It is elegant, modern and friendly looking. The color scheme is gray and white, on the homepage there are a couple of very beautiful banners and pictures and the menus are quite easy to use. On the top of the page there are only a couple of buttons for the most popular brands while in the left there is the longer menu list with all the available brands.

This site sells many very famous brands and the selection is quite diverse. A quick look along these designer names makes you understand that this is the right place for finding your favorite replica watch. The brands are divided into sub-collections and everything is very neatly organized. This makes it quite easy to search through the designs and find the products that suit your needs best.

swiss made fake watches

The prices for the replica watches listed on are suitable for all types of budgets, from the most modest ones to the most extravagant. For instance, the knockoffs equipped with an automatic Japanese mechanism cost about $80-$200 whereas the imitation watches that come with a Swiss ETA automatic movement are $250-$400.

The website has numerous pictures for all its replica watches and these show various parts of the products. The problem is that there is no option of enlarging the images so you can clearly see the small details and logos. There is only a zoom option that shows just a very small part of the photo, but the magnification ratio is very low. Unfortunately, it is not enough for showing the important design particularities of each knockoff. is one of those online sites that don’t go the extra mile for making sure that you enjoy a very easy and hassle free ordering process. The proof for this is the fact that it only accepts Visa and Mastercard card payments. It doesn’t provide the option of paying by Bank Wire, Western Union or Money Gram. If you don’t have one of these cards or if your card doesn’t work for e-purchases then though luck.

These days all replica watches online stores deliver packages to any country in the world. Most companies use only EMS which takes about 7-14 business days while others offer the alternative of DHL, FEDEX or TNT which is faster. Fortunately, provides the option of paying extra for a quicker delivery. If you want to receive your package sooner than you can opt to have it delivered by DHL in 3-7 business days. Regardless of what shipping carrier you choose, your package will be assigned with a tracking number.

The thing that I do not like on this site is that it does not say a thing about its return policy or about its repairs warranty. I have read the entire website and I only found a reference on the FAQ page about the fact that a refund is available, but it does not give any details about this policy. Nowhere does it mention how many days starting with the delivery date you have to send the replica watches back for a refund, replacement or repairs.

When it comes to customer service, do not expect that much from fake watches online stores. Lately, there are only a few shops that offer assistance by phone and live chat. Most of these sites can be reached only by email. is one of those replica companies that can be contacted only by sending a message through the contact form listed on the site. This isn’t such a great thing because it does not offer you the possibility of getting a quick answer to your questions.

If you have ordered a couple of replica watches online then you are already familiar with what this means. If not then let me clear things up. There is no such thing as the perfect store. Every store has its good and bad things. has the advantage of offering really affordable prices, detailed pictures, worldwide delivery and a large selection of watches, but it also has many disadvantages and these are- difficult to reach customer service, not mentioning what its return and repairs warranty are and not offering alternatives for credit card payments.

Last modified: July 6, 2015

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