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There are only a few replica watches sites online that have such an unfriendly appearance as does. Its design has nothing to do with the looks of an online store. The homepage resembles more to a blog or forum layout than to an e-shop. The consequence is the low visibility of the menu, the absence of any optic hints that make you see this page as a place that offers replicas for sale. If it weren’t for the ‘Swiss replica watches” logo from the top of the page, it wouldn’t’ cross my mind that this is a site where I could order these types of products. But besides its poor design, what are the particularities of this online company? Keep reading and you will find out.

swiss replica watches store

The menu is located somewhere in the upper left side of the page. Yes, those small gray texts are actually menu buttons. You weren’t expecting this, right? From there you can start browsing the Rolex category, the “Other Brands” or reading the informative pages. The color scheme is black and gray with a few red accents, on the top of the screen there is a small square banner and the rest of the page is filled with dull text. The most interesting thing here is the announcement they make right on the center of the homepage: “We are NOT affiliated with any other site. We do NOT offer or sell Replicas made in South Asia. All our replicas are precise quality timepieces made by Swiss jewelers.” They seem to care a lot about making this clear. It shows commitment for their products and reputation.

Browsing the collection is even more difficult. After you click on Rolex, a new page loads with some hypnotic colored banner and text, and you can barely see the sub-collections that are located slightly above these. I was hoping for a better visibility for the available replica watches from each collection, but my hopes were shredded to pieces by a “mini-window” in the left side of the page that shows only 4 products at a time and you need to click on navigation arrows to see the next 4 replicas and so on.

As you were probably expecting, these Swiss replica watches have a pretty hefty price. The cheapest ones are $1,000 and the prices go up to $1,500. The yellow gold, rose gold and of course, the diamond models are the most pricey ones. Of course, these fakes are equipped with some of the most precise automatic mechanisms available on the market, such as Swiss Valjoux 7752 Automatic Chronograph. If you are looking for a top notch Swiss replica watch then this is surely the best place to start!

I was quite shocked to see that given their pretenses of offering the best Swiss made replicas and the high prices of these knockoffs, they offer such poor product pictures. Each item has only one photo and this isn’t even of decent quality. The clarity is awful and the image is so small than you can barely see anything about the design of the watch. Awful. And what’s worse is that there are different types of pictures with different kinds of clarity and backgrounds. This proves the fact that the photos were copied from different catalogs.

The product description is pretty nice. It is inclusive and detailed. It offers all the important details about every technical or aesthetic part of the watch. Any replica watches shopper- experienced or not- can easily understand the particularities of these knockoffs after reading this thorough description.

All orders are dispatched with EMS, UPS, FEDEX or DHL and the shipping fee depends on the destination country. Good news for USA customers, delivery to this country is completely free. For other countries there is a flat rate shipping fee of $50. The estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks and usually needs about 2-3 days to have the watch ready for dispatch. Needless to say, all orders are sent with a tracking number that can be used to trace the package online.

The company is able to process payment with credit cards, but it does not say with which ones. It also accepts Western Union, Bank Wire and Escrow. Please note that orders paid with Western Union enjoy a minimum 25% discount. Of course, this discount will not be cumulated with other offers. But the most interesting payment method is by far Escrow. It seems that you can pay the replica after it is delivered. Escrow payments imply a 6.3% fee and the delivery takes about 2-3 weeks. provides a 7 days exchange and refund policy. If you get a Swiss replica watch from this company and you aren’t completely satisfied with it then be sure to contact customer service before the first 7 days run out. You need to know that used products can’t be returned, only the ones that are in the same conditions as when they were initially shipped. The store also offers a 2 years warranty for all its fake watches and those who are called “cloned watches” have a 4 years warranty. Cloned watches are supposedly 100% identical to the original products. They were made after taking apart a real watch and cloning each part 1:1.

The company offers customer services by phone, email and chat. The phone number is from USA, it has 4 extensions for different departments- sales, support, returns and wholesale- and it is toll free. The page lists 3 different email addresses: one is for sales, one for support and one for wholesale. There is also a contact form included on the page. I have noticed the chat button on several sections of the site, but when I was visiting the store this said “Offline”, but judging by how diversified the contact options are, I tend to believe that this company really is reputable.

We shouldn’t judge an online store simply by appearance because we may miss out on some great replica watches. At first impression, looks like a very unfriendly and unprofessional company. But when you start exploring its products and reading its policies you see it in a completely different light. Of course, it has some Cons like the different product pictures and high prices. But the Pros seem to weight more- Swiss replica watches with Valjoux movement, worldwide delivery, diverse payment methods, 7 days return policy, 2-4 years free repairs warranty and a professional customer service.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. Cherloc says:

    This is another scammer on the net, when you enter their site. The first thing they direct you is to their negative reviews from previous buyers, so this is your first clues. I found another reviews on the net, which they already claims their watches is not solid gold on both 2 tone and full gold watch, it is very hard to believe why would they still advertising it said 1:1 clone! Most of all, why pay over a thousand dollars on something that’s not even close to the Jap replica?

  2. Stephen Conway says:

    Complete scammers.

  3. Timothy says:

    all products are made in Guangtong in China ,don’t believe are made in Swiss

  4. Jason Robinson says:

    I purchased a clone Rolex and about six months later it was in need of repair. I sent the watch back to the address given and with the filled out paper filled out as ask. It’s been almost 7 months and no contact from them at all. I’ve left over 30 messages via email and phone with NO replies. So I’m short this company has my watch and my $1100. I’m very very unhappy with them and a total scam on customer service.

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