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SuperWatches.hk faces a very difficult task if it wants to rise to the value of its name. Being a Super watches store isn’t at all that easy, but it looks like this company completes the job naturally.

Everything about its appearance inspires professionalism. The website is designed with beautiful and sleek lines, colored in dark elegant tones, and adorned with high quality photos. Of course, the homepage is nicely organized and very friendly.

Browsing through Superwatches.hk website is also quite easy and effortless. The menu is located in the left side and it includes all the available watch brands. The collection is very wide and varied, featuring all the important companies that impress with their excellence in crafting exquisite luxury watches. Each brand has a couple hundred replica watches, some of the most renowned models in the world. Of course, all categories are divided into sub-collections, easing our access to these beautiful imitation timepieces.

superwatches hk

Once you click on one of the available brands, you can see the available collections and models, but also an Advanced Search bar in the left side of the screen. This Advanced Search bar allows you to quickly find the design that interests you, by selecting the desired characteristics such as Movement, Price, Band, Gender, Diameter and Color.

SuperWatches.hk sells replica watches equipped with quartz movement, Japanese self-winding movement and Swiss self-winding movement. All its prices are displayed in USD and these vary depending on the type of mechanism of the watch. The quartz movement and Japanese automatic movement fakes cost about $200 while the Swiss movement watches cost over $300 and can reach the impressive price of $800. The higher price of the Swiss movement replicas are a consequence of their higher quality, better accuracy and extended durability.

On each product description page we find a very detailed and easy to comprehend explanation of all the important design, functionality and authenticity specifications. It is a very good and detailed description of the most important particularities of these fake watches. Just by reading this information, any person who does not know that much about knockoffs can very easily understand what the quality and value of these clones is.

SuperWatches.hk can process a very wide and diverse selection of payment methods, such as Visa, Bank Wire, Western Union, eChecks and WebMoney. It seems that orders paid by Visa cards are subject to a 2.9% processing fees. On the other hand, all the other payment options benefit from an additional discount. Bank Wires and Western Union payments receive a 20% discount while WebMoney and eChecks get 10% discount. I like the fact that the range of available payment methods is this large, just as I fancy the discounts available for most of them.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer free delivery for any of its orders, regardless of the total of the purchase. The cost of delivering your order depends on the destination country and it is calculated by the website when you submit the purchase. The packages are shipped with EMS, FEDEX or DHL and a tracking number is provided for each one. Deliveries by EMS are a little bit slower and take about 7 business days to receive the order while the ones with FEDEX or DHL take about 5 days.

All products purchased from SuperWatches.hk enjoy a 30 days return policy. This policy applies both for refund and exchange requests. The replicas need to be returned within the first 30 days from the delivery if a refund or exchange is needed. Sadly, the customer must pay for the costs of shipping the watch back, but at least there are no restocking fees that must be paid. What I have also noticed is that the merchant does not provide a repairs policy that can ensure the correct functionality of your replica even after the first 30 days run out.

Replica watches companies with good product pictures are really hard to find. Luckily, SuperWatches.hk is one of them. Clearly, the store uses its own photos, taken in its own studio and of its own merchandise. The images have a distinct style and are of very good quality. They show every replica watch from every possible angle, presenting all the important parts and details. Anyone who is really interested in purchasing one of these fake timepieces can see how beautiful and perfect the replicas are, just by looking at the pictures.

The company provides customer support from 8 Am to 12 AM EST, by phone, email and chat. I have tested their live chat services and to my surprise, I discovered a very friendly and polite employee who was very keen on clarifying all my questions and doubts. I always appreciate a merchant that knows the value of good customer care. All customers want to know that they can contact the company very easily in case they experience any inconveniences.

SuperWatches.hk is an online replica watches store that provides good quality products at decent prices, fair guarantees and excellent customer care. After reviewing its website, policies and services I must conclude that it is a trustworthy merchant, one who is capable of offering us the quality and satisfaction we are looking for.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. joe says:

    Have you ever ordered a watch from them? Is it up to the quality they claim on the website?

  2. Carlos says:

    I can’t find the web superwatches. Can you help me

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