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The soul of a company is the merchandise it offers and it this case promises to provide top notch replica timepieces that will forever change your opinion about the quality of knock-off watches. Let your heart and soul discover the luxurious replicas this merchant has to offer and feast yourself on timeless perfection.


The design is very simplistic. I find it to be very casual and relaxed. The focus is on the products, not on bold promotional gizmos designed to promise you the world IF you buy their products. The replicas speak for themselves through the means of a very rich collection of famous watch brands and also through the big and clear presentation photos listed on the home page. I like it very much. It gives you time to concentrate on the knock-offs and on the policies, and, of course, to discover how legitimate this company really is.

The description of the products is very detailed and constructed in a very comprehensive manner. It lines out all the basic information you need so you can establish the level of quality for a replica. From weight to materials used, from the caliber of automatic mechanism to markings, everything is explained so that you know what to expect from these imitation watches.

The company offers free shipping worldwide with EMS and DHL. The delivery time is about 5-10 business days depending on the customer’s country. The surprisingly great policy this company offers is that if after 4 weeks there are no updates in the tracking details then they consider the package lost and they reship another one for free. I know from experience that most stores let you wait up to 6-8 weeks before even considering that your shipment actually has a problem in being delivered. It is great that states from the beginning their solution to such a problem. accepts Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments. These are the most common payment methods used by online replica companies. All of them are used by numerous customers across the world and are the most reliable payment forms available on the Internet.


The prices start at $70 for the Japanese watches and go up to $600 for the Swiss ones. The collection is pretty inclusive, but the top side menu bar is not doing the company any favors as it only shows one third of the brand names offered by this online merchant. To see or find only the Swiss models is almost impossible as the menu doesn’t have a separate category for the Swiss watches. Both Swiss and Japanese models are put together in what I like to call “a big mess”. If you are interested in viewing just the Swiss watches from the Rolex collection which includes over 5,000 models then tough luck. It is my opinion that even though you have very low prices and a wide product range, you will end up losing many customers if it is almost impossible to browse through your collection.

Finally, a replica company that offers repairs services after the first 14 days of receipt. provides a 6 months warranty which allows you to send the watch back to them and repair it for free if it breaks. For returns or exchanges, a 14 days policy is applied. What I absolutely dislike is their Shipping and Handling fee of $20-$40 which they will charge when you return a product for a refund. It is something we are used to call Restocking fee. This means that any return will be extremely costly for you. In some cases you might prefer to keep the defective or unsatisfactory product than to endure the absurd additional costs.

Pictures: The photos clearly show that these were taken by and that it represents the actual stock. The style is particular and unique. Each product is presented so that it shows all the relevant details, such as dial, bezel, buttons, back cover, bracelet and clasp. All of the watches have a specific detail which shows that the pictures are property of the company: the bands of the replicas are wrapped in a protective plastic.  An unpleasant detail of the photos is that the watermark has a different company name: This is probably the former domain name of this online store.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer Service:  The available communication channels provided by this company are a real disappointment. On the top right side of the page there is a banner saying “24/7 Live Chat”. If you click on it, you will have a big surprise: there is no chat option. It takes you to a contact form and it also specifies that you can only contact the company by using this contact form or by emailing them at a gmail account: They don’t even have a business email address. The fact that they use a gmail account shows how unprofessional is the whole foundation of this company.

Summary: is an average replica store with average policies and services. As many China based companies it offers an impressive number of watches, very low prices and free shipping. Still, these apparently positive aspects are compensated by the lack of professional services and by disadvantageous policies. Buying a replica from this company may turn out to be very risky if you receive a low quality product and have to follow their return conditions in order to get your money back.

Last modified: April 18, 2013

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