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The problem with this replica watches website is the fact that is completely unreliable when it comes to the website working.  Most of the time the website doesn’t load properly ad when it does it just takes a lot of time. Other times it doesn’t work at all so if you just decided on a watch and want to place an order you might realize that you won’t be able to do so because the website stopped working. This is extremely frustrating and shows a great deal of unprofessionalism.

Another thing that will definitely be frustrating is the low quality of pictures showed on the website. This doesn’t only keep you from actually seeing the way your product looks like but it also shows the fact that the website owners didn’t care to take a lot of time to make this an honest experience for the user or they definitely have something to hide regarding their products.

A big red flag is the low amount of information about the shipping process, this makes it impossible for most people to get the information they want and they also don’t seem to respond to emails very fast, which makes things even worse. Also, there’s no actual information about the company on the About Us page, which is a big red flag, especially for a website that sells products that cost a little more and where there should be trust involved. There are also few payment methods which can make things difficult for people who don’t have one of the options posted by them. Also, most people wouldn’t want to give their personal information on a website and pay with their credit card, so they should also have payment methods that involve more than a credit card, like Moneybookers or PayPal.

Unfortunately, this website is definitely not the option you should be choosing when you want to make sure that you are buying a good replica watch, for so many reasons: the fact that it is very unreliable when it comes to actually working to the fact that there is not information whatsoever about the company.

Last modified: January 11, 2013

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