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When this company decided to name its websites it probably thought about the famous line „let it snow, let it snow”. With Christmas around the corner and our constant obsession with gifts we are probably secretly wishing for a magical snow with replica watches as sspresents. Or is it just me? I simply can’t think of a better gift Santa could pull out of its magic sack. isn’t trying to convince us into buying its products just by using a clever name. It also tempts us with a wide range of replica watches, low prices and attractive policies. But no matter how good it may sound, let’s find out how trustworthy it really is.

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Its website is very friendly and intuitive. Right from the first moment, the homepage makes you understand that you are dealing with a merchant that knows how to convince you sinto buying its products. It has a fresh and airy look with a white background, slim and elegant menu bar, a wide sliding banner and numerous sponsored items in the center of the page. The bottom of the page is reserved for a bulky section of text and for the links of the informative pages which sadly are in German. This doesn’t look at all professional.

The top menu bar includes just a small part of its collection. There are only 11 brands listed in the main menu, but once you click on one of it a new page loads which contains all the available categories and these are not few. There are over 30 available brands and each one has a couple hundred different items. To make browsing easier, the categories are organized into collections, but there is no advanced search option. This is such a shame as it makes it more difficult for us to find the model we are interested in buying.

The prices for its watches are pretty affordable. Needless to say, the lowest priced products are the ones that are powered by a 21 jewels Miyota Japanese automatic mechanism. These cost about $800-$150 and in exceptional cases the ones with diamonds all over the dial and case cost $200-$250. The fakes equipped with a 25 jewels ETA Swiss self-winding movement are more expensive. The prices for these clones range between $250 and $450. These prices are pretty much similar to what most replica online sites offer.

Surprisingly, has very good quality pictures. The images of its products are very beautiful and clear. Every replica watch has about 10 or more big photos that present the item from all sides. The dial, the buttons, the caseback, the band and clasp are just a few of the parts that are highlighted. There are no watermarks on the images and all replicas have pictures that were taken in the same studio. This proves that the company is very professional and that it has photos of its own merchandise.

I was disappointed to see that this website is not able to process other payment options except Visa and Mastercard. A merchant that does not offer alternatives to these two methods looks highly unprofessional and unreliable. Plus, it is really not safe to enter your card details on a page like this one that isn’t encrypted for online transactions. This means that the info you put in isn’t secured and any third party can access it. All payment form pages need to have the https at the beginning of the website address in order to be secure. ships packages worldwide by EMS and the delivery time is about 7-10 business days. Unfortunately it does offer free delivery. For each package it sends it charges a $16 flat rate shipping fee. The packages have a tracking number available and in some cases, if EMS isn’t supported for your destination country then the order will be sent with Fedex or TNT on the merchant’s expense.

I do not know why, but there isn’t a single piece of information on the entire website about the refund, replacement and repairs warranty. The only thing I have found is a symbol/stamp located on the page of each product that says “Retour 120 Jours”. I really do not understand why it’s in French, but this is how it is.

When you are buying replica watches online always, but always test the customer services first. A company can’t be trusted if it is not there for its customers and this is possible only if it has decent customer care. A phone number, an email address and a live chat are a must. These are the best communication channels for resolving quickly the inquiries or problems of its clientele. Unfortunately, does not have a phone number, email address or live chat listed on the website. It only offers a Contact Form included in the website layout. If you have a question, simply send it in and wait until you get an answer. is that type of website that confuses you. It has just as much pros as it has cons. This replica watches store offers an impressive collection of beautiful fake timepieces, very low prices, good quality pictures, worldwide delivery, but it only takes card payments, the payment form page isn’t secure, it doesn’t say a thing about its return and repairs warranty, there’s no responsive customer services and the website has numerous errors.

Last modified: November 18, 2015

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