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We all imagine our dream luxury timepiece as a pretty shinny watch that steals our heart from the first moment we lay our eyes on it. tries to convince us that it is the place where we could find that perfect replica watch, the place where excellent quality meets affordable prices. For most of us, it is exactly what we are looking on a replica and the reason why we choose to buy from a certain online company. Now, let’s see if this replica website is the real deal or not.

PROS website is not as shiny as one would imagine, but it is pretty interesting though. It has a complex, well studied design, filled with many promotional and flashy banners that would do about anything to convince you to buy from this place. I got to admire their determination and their hard marketing work. The problem is they over-do it and you feel lost on their website. You simply don’t know what to do next. So much promotional information flashes before your eyes that you miss out on the actual purpose of this store: their replica watches.

Even dividing their collection is a pretty complex task. For example, there are two criteria: gender and how hot a brand is.  So this means we have the first segregation: men’s, women’s and unisex; and the second segregation: hot brands and other brands. What did I tell you? They like to overthink everything. And this is just the main menu. From here you start browsing the watches and you discover a pretty inclusive collection.  Most of them will surprise you pleasantly. You will find timeless masterpieces desired by collectors all around the world and also more fashion forward designs that are both stylish and modern.

What do I find particularly interesting on this website? Well, this would be the nice personal touch given by something as simple as the “Buyers Talks” with comments, photos and names of customers; the “Products comments” and the list of watch related articles. It all shows how well they know how to sell their merchandise and to some buyers it may even build some confidence in the liability of the company. Of course, I don’t expect the buyer’s comments and the product reviews to be real, but you have to admire their creativity.

The watches are pretty affordable. If you get one of their great deals for the watch you are looking for then you may end up paying $80 for it or even less. For example, a black PVD Tag Heuer Mercedes Benz model is only $79.99 after applying a promotional 42% discount. Oh yeah, the shipping is free for orders over $50. Bottom line, if you choose wisely you could buy a pretty decent replica watch for a very low price.

The accepted payment methods are credit card and Western Union. takes all major card payments, such as  Visa; MasterCard online, JCB, American Express. The fact that the merchant can process so many card companies shows that it has a solid and secure payment processor and makes me believe that we can trust our money with them.


As expected, their shipping policy is more complicated than the one of an average replica company. Most countries get free shipping for orders over $50. Some do not get free shipping, but have to pay $9.95. It doesn’t say which countries. This type of shipping takes 10-16 days. Express shipping doesn’t seem to be very convenient or fast as it takes 7-12 working days and it starts at $19.95. And the conditions continue with many long lists of countries where the shipping is $35 and takes more than a month for the package to arrive. Too complicated if you ask me!

Now let’s talk about their refund and exchange policy. Don’t bother reading it because its incorrect and forced English language will give you a serious head ache. The bottom line is that you have a 7 days refund option and a 14 days exchange policy. There is nothing about what happens after the first 14 days, if the product breaks. Is there a longer time frame for a repair warranty? Or is this all they guarantee: that your product will work just for 14 days? Their return conditions are absurd and seem to be more like a joke than a professional policy. For example, “The problems related to material differentiate from the buyer’s imagination”…” which we will not regard them as the quality problem”. So customers with a rich and vivid  imagination, beware of this company as they will not accept anything that you imagine as being wrong with your replica watch.

Pictures: The photos are very good and seem to be of the actual replica watches that sells.  The quality is excellent and the images show every angle and detail of the products. It shows the dial, the back case, the bezel and crown, the inside and outside of the band and of course, the closing system of the bracelet. The clarity is so good that you can even see the finger prints on the stainless steel.

Domain Registered: USA

Customer Service: offers customer service by email and chat. This brings back my eternal problem: the importance of a contact phone number. This replica store doesn’t offer phone support. Only the most professional and liable companies afford a customer service phone line and are also able communicate without any speech difficulties. Nowadays, only a few online knock-off merchants offer customer service by phone because most of them are based in China and for them it is very difficult to find operators that speak decent English.

Summary: offers everything you would expect from a China based replica store: a wide selection of luxury brand timepieces at affordable prices. Plus, the promise of free delivery for orders over $50. Furthermore, the excellent product photos and the determination to clarify every aspect of their policies, shows they have nothing to hide. They will definitely deliver what they promise: an affordable imitation watch.

Last modified: April 18, 2013

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