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For those who have been really nice and can’t wait ‘till Christmas to enjoy a beautiful luxury replica watch there is a new store in town, one that has lots of timeless treats in its sack. is the place to get beautiful and diverse designer fake timepieces at very affordable prices, all year long. From Breitling and Omega to Corum and Graham, these very popular fake watches will make you feel like Christmas morning every day.


The website doesn’t look very professional or friendly. Its design is rather rudimentary and simple. This is because the information isn’t neatly organized on the homepage. There is a very small sliding banner on the upper left part of the screen, a barely visible menu at the top, an all brands menu in the left and a big chunk of text in the center of the page. Everything looks messy, crowded and very confusing. This lowers the visitor’s experience while browsing the site.

As I was saying before, there are two menu bars. One at the top with the buttons for the following categories- Japanese watches, Swiss Watches, Women’s Watches, Men’s Watches, Payment, Shipping and Contact Us. Whereas in the left side of the screen there is an all brands menu which includes a very long list of available watch companies. The thing is that Rolex is missing. Out of the very diversified and wide selection of replica timepieces, Rolex is the only one that isn’t available. I find this odd as it is the most popular brand around.

Each brand category includes a very large number of different models, but these are organized into collections which make browsing a lot easier. Also, the prices appear to be a little bit over the market’s average. Usually, a Japanese replica watch costs about $100-$200, but on it is $200-$350. Of course, Swiss watches are even more expensive. These cost about $350-$600 which is a lot to pay for a fake imitation product.

I do not like the fact that the company offers only one picture for its watches. Indeed, each replica has a very large and clear main photo which shows the dial of the watch, the bezel and top part of the bracelet, but it does not have images of the other very important sides of the products. You can’t see the buttons very well, the caseback and the bracelet. All these are very important when you are determined to buy a good quality replica watch. ships packages worldwide with some of the most important carriers in the world, like EMS and DHL. When you checkout you have the option of paying $35 for EMS or $50 for DHL. The first option is a little bit slower. It takes about 7 business days to receive the package and a tracking number will be provided. The DHL choice implies a 3-5 business days delivery which offers the great advantage of receiving the package in the lowest possible time frame.

The company accepts payments with Visa, Mastercard and JCB. I consider these options as being the most easy to use and accessible. Pretty much everyone has access to at least a couple of them. Plus, when you pay by card you have the certainty that the transaction is secured by your bank. If something wrong happens you can instantly contact your card issuer and ask him to reverse the transaction. offers a 7 days refund policy and a one year free repairs warranty. The thing is that if you wish to return a replica watch for a refund or exchange then you must pay all the return costs plus a $20 restocking fee. Another important thing is that the company has a 12 months free repairs warranty which covers any manufacturing defects. Unfortunately, it does not cover any water or wear and tear damages.

For me, it is important to find a company that offers professional and responsive customer services. I need to know that I can trust a company before I pay. Unfortunately, this store does not provide that kind of customer care. You can contact its agents by contact form or by email, but not by phone or by chat. wants to be the ultimate shopping bonanza when it comes to replica watches, but somehow it does not carry one of the most popular watches brands in the world- Rolex. It offers a very large range of watches brands, but the prices are a little bit above the market’s average. On a different note, the store offers free worldwide delivery by DHL and EMS, still the fees seem a little bit hefty. Another negative thing is related to the customer services which I consider to be very unprofessional and unresponsive. On a different note, I like the fact that the merchant offers a 7 days refund policy and a 12 months free repairs warranty.

Last modified: August 27, 2015

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