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No question about it, Rolex is one of the most desired and appreciated watches brands in the world. It is synonymous with success, luxury, quality and innovation. There are no limits for what this watchmaker can achieve and he proves it with every single watch it launches. Every watch enthusiast in this world is dying to wear a Rolex on his wrist and this kind of fame attracts an unbelievable price. Such a timepiece costs a fortune, literally. When confronted with the fact that they will never afford this kind of watch many people turn to replicas for help. These imitation timepieces have an authentic looking design and a very similar automatic movement, but the best part is that they come at a price that is affordable to everyone. As a consequence, there are many stores online that offer Rolex replicas with the promise of an identical appearance, high quality and low price. print screen is one of the few replica watches stores that have enough courage to focus on just one brand. Usually these types of websites carry an impressively selection of famous designers. But this one is determined to offer only Rolex fakes, an initiative that any Rolex fan will surely appreciate. And the collection is huge. Here we find over 4,000 different models, ranging from the most popular ones to the less known designs. One thing I have to admit, you need to have a lot of patience to browse all of these Rolex categories. Luckily there is an advanced search available which allows you to filter the endless items by gender, strap material, strap color, dial color and movement.

Besides the very rich selection of Rolex fake timepieces, does not impress me much. It is that common looking website that doesn’t leave an impression on you, largely because its aesthetics is dull and cheap looking. The color scheme is white and black, there is a simple slim black menu bar on top with links to the most popular Rolex categories like Air King, DateJust, DayDate, Daytona and Submariner. In the left side of the screen there is a list with all the available collections whereas in the center there is a medium size static banner. Below it there are numerous sponsored products.

The Rolex replica watches displayed on this website are organized into three main movement types: Asia Automatic, Swiss Automatic and Japanese Quartz. The price of the knockoffs is very much influenced by their inside mechanism. For instance, the ones equipped with an Asia Automatic movement cost about 70 GBP to 100 GBP. Yes, all the prices are displayed in GBP. The ones that come with a Japanese Quartz movement are actually Rolex wall clocks and these cost about 150 GBP. And of course, the most expensive replicas are the Swiss Automatic models which range between 200 GBP and 400 GBP.

Now it’s time to focus on the pictures of these Rolex replicas and I am disappointed to say that these are of very poor quality. The first thing that is very upsetting is the fact that the photos were taken in at least 3 different studios. Some have a white background, some have a gray one and other have a black setting. The thing is that this shows that the company does not have its own product pictures. These were clearly copied from different websites, catalogs or suppliers. And the really sad thing is that we can’t trust that what we see in the photos is what it will send us. Other things that I do not like about the pictures is that these are very small, the clarity is low and they are watermarked with a different website name-

black rolex submariner image on dark background

To see how accurate looking these Rolex replica watches are I decided to choose a Rolex Submariner without date with black dial and stainless steel case as example. The first difference between the original and the replica hit me instantly. Right on the dial, the most visible part of a watch you can see a very obvious mistake. The hour markers used on the knockoff are not the iconic Submariner Maxi-Dial hour indexes. This mix of round, rectangular and triangular shaped markers are a bit bigger, whiter and better outlined than the ones used on the replica. The same thing goes for the markings on the bezel, especially for the white dot located on the 12 o’clock triangle. As far as the winding crown, crown guards, case and bracelet go, these are very authentic looking. I like that the stainless steel case and bracelet are completely polished just like the genuine Rolex Submariner.

genuine black rolex submariner on white background

Unfortunately doesn’t offer that many payment options as one may think. In fact, the only available method is credit card which isn’t very reassuring. The company is able to process only Visa and Mastercard. There are no other options available like Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram or Paypal. But the really bad thing is that the Internet page where you are supposed to enter your card details isn’t secured. It does not have the https at the beginning meaning that anyone can access and steal the information you are entering online.

You may be delighted to find out that this company ships its orders free of charge worldwide. Yes, that’s right! It doesn’t matter how big, heavy your order is or how remote your delivery address may be, your package will be delivered at your door steps without a shipping charge. That’s really something, isn’t it? The shipping carrier used for sending out the orders is EMS or regular mail and the estimated delivery time is about 7-14 business days. Also, you will be provided with a tracking number.

Regarding the return and exchange policy, it seems that customers have 14 days to see if they like the replica watch or not and decide to return it. It is important to know that the products which have been worn cannot be returned for refund or exchange, only the ones that have no wear marks and still have their original packaging. All the return shipping fees need to be paid by the customer and there is a 0-40 GBP restocking fee applied for exchanges. If the watch breaks then you can choose to repair it under the terms and conditions of the 180 days repairs warranty. This means that only manufacturing defects are covered. Water damages, wear and tear marks or defects caused by other external factors are not covered by the repairs warranty.

In this case, we can’t really talk about customer services because from my point of view these are completely unavailable. isn’t that concerned about offering to its customers the best services or shopping experience out there. The company only has a modest Contact Form that can be used for sending messages. It does not provide a valid telephone number, email address or a Live Chat service. This is as low as it gets when it comes to customer care. is not such an inspired choice for buying Rolex replicas online. The store is completely indifferent when it comes to customer services, secure and reliable payment methods and the quality of its product photos. These are aspects that raise serious concerns for e-shoppers regarding the company’s reputability. The only good things about the website are the low prices, large collection of Rolex fakes, free worldwide delivery and the return policy.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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