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Rolex Day Date Presidential Replica

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The Day Date is one of the most iconic models ever made by the prestigious Rolex Company and many like to call it Rolex Presidential because it has been worn by countless US presidents throughout the history. It is the symbol of luxury and refinement. Just by owning it you earn your spot among the most pretentious watch collectors. It is the most desired luxury timepiece and acknowledged as the ultimate status watch. There is no competition for the Rolex Day Date as no other model has been able to gain such a place in the mind and hearts of watch enthusiasts.

Now let’s see some facts and discover together what makes this watch so much better than the endless number of expensive and precise timepieces available out there. We should start from the beginning. It is what experts call “a dress watch” and was initially designed to be worn with very elegant suits or with a tuxedo. In time, changes in fashion and etiquette have allowed this beautiful timepiece to be worn with less formal clothing. Nowadays, you could even wear it with a white shirt, jeans and sneakers. It all depends on your personal style.

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What makes this model a dress watch suitable for a more formal outfit is its medium size dial. The dial of a Rolex Day Date is only 36 mm vs. the very popular 40 mm Rolex sports models.  This detail makes a clear distinction between the Presidential Rolex and the rest. Nevertheless, its unique design and simple esthetics make it look so much bigger than it actually is. When worn, you can’t help but notice the perfect symmetry between your wrist and this perfectly crafted timepiece.

Take a moment to examine the dial thoroughly. It will captivate you with its simple and elegant design. The blue color is perfect and it reflects the light in beautifully balanced shades. I simply adore it. The small diamond markers are a very nice touch of luxury and distinction to the overall classic look of this watch.  To complete what I consider to be one of the best designed dials, the Rolex Presidential features a magnifying date window at 3 o’clock and a day indicator at 12 o’clock. If you take a closer look at the inside of the dial you will see that it has the word ROLEX engraved all around. This is an authenticity marking that you should pay great attention to. Your replica must have it in order to look authentic.

day date replica clasp crown

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This Rolex model also has two of the most important details that make it look genuine: the screw down crown and the green hologram sticker on the back. The screw down crown is very distinctive on Rolex Day Date watches and allows you to set the time, day and date. All of these functions are controlled by only one knob. At first you may need instructions to operate it, but it really is quite simple. As for the green hologram sticker goes, it is located on the back of the watch and it has a serial number printed on it. It emphasizes the authenticity of your Rolex and you really want your Day Date to have one.

back cover of fake rolex day date

If we take a look at the band we will discover a few unique particularities of this watch. It is called the Presidential bracelet and it is very different than the Oyster bracelet that, for example, a Daytona has. It is also very true that both have links polished on the center and brushed on the outer part, but only the Rolex Day Date has such delicate and elegant narrow links. Its overall look is the one of a refined and discreet bracelet. You will notice that the clasp is also different. It is a hidden clasp. For opening it you simply need to pull downward on the little crown.

Even though it is the number one choice for watch collectors around the world, the Rolex Day Date is still a model that doesn’t appeal to most people. This is due to its classic and conservative look. It is the type of watch you learn to love and appreciate. It is the kind of extravagant luxury you come to discover with age and after a certain experience with high class timepieces. I am now one of those who have been charmed by its magic and hope to share it with you.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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Rolex Day Date Presidential Replica

  1. Gary Domke says:

    I owned a Rolex Presidential Oyster Perpetual gold, on gold dial for over thirty years. Regulalrly serviced by Rolex in Texas, I was recently forced to sell it because of a financially devestating divorce. I wore it daily, scuba diving, snow skiing and racing motorcycles. I cannot afford to replace it. Who makes the best replica, not obviously a replica to my friends who still have theirs and where can I buy one?

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