Written by | Sites Review may very well be the next North Pole of replica watches with its genuine Santa’s workshop full of busy little elves working around the clock to get your Rolex watch under the tree on Christmas morning. Confused? Then keep reading this review.

I had a real shock when entering These people are out of their jolly jingle bells. There is a huge Christmas banner on the home page advertising their up to 50% discount on Christmas gifts…and it’s only March! There are still 9 months ‘till Christmas. The background of this site is also made out of small and cute white snowflakes. The whole website is like an online Christmas wonderland. I really don’t know how to process this and what to make of it. Any sane person needs at least 12 months to financially recuperate from one Christmas to another. You can’t expect a shopper to buy Christmas gifts all year long. Christmas is a one time in a year advertising opportunity and that’s it. You can’t exploit it for 12 months in a row. Be creative. Find other ways to target your customers.


On the Shipping information page it states that 7 business days delivery is free worldwide, unless the customer is willing to pay for a faster shipping option. I find this free shipping policy to be very appealing and also quite flexible for those who are in a rush and can’t wait for a week to receive their order. Still, it is very likely that these packages are coming from China and expedite delivery isn’t as fast as one would expect.  You have to consider the fact that the products have to pass through 2 different customs points and the shipping company can’t control the time needed for customs to review and clear a package.


The layout of the website is pretty plain. It’s basically one of the most simplistic and easy to use template adapted to this “endless Christmas Spirit” theme. Obviously, the dominant colors are red and white, and in addition we find a little touch of black on the upper menu bar. Browsing the website is quite boring as there aren’t any other features or banners that catch your attention, except the Christmas offer. On this site you have two choices: you either start browsing the collection or you exit. It’s that simple.

This is the first time I find a store with such a short list of available brands. There are exactly 12 brands, each one divided in specific collections. Very well organized, but still quite limited from my point of view. I prefer websites that amaze you with its huge list of luxury names. It shows that they have a big stock capability, that they have been around for a while and that they know what the best on the market is and how to get it.

Reading the description of the items was a big disappointment. There are no technical or particular details available. I mean, saying about a watch: “it has quartz movement, it is made of stainless steel and it is white”; isn’t quite what I call a satisfactory description. Any watch illiterate could come up with the same information just by looking at the photos of the products. People looking to buy replicas often tend to educate themselves, to find out more about the capabilities of these watches and to compare them. For this reason only, stating that you are selling a silver imitation watch isn’t enough to convince anyone to buy from you.

The accepted payment options are Visa, Mastercard and Western Union. All Western Union orders receive a 10% discount. I would feel more secure about using Paypal on this online store, but in its absence I would go with credit card as often banks have a very well set fraud prevention system that will protect you no matter what when your e-shopping goes south. offers a 30 days return and exchange policy. Be advised that they will not accept returns when you make the terrible error of choosing the wrong color or size. If this happens then you have no choice, but to keep a product that’s no good to you. I totally disagree with this policy, but they at least have the decency of clearing it out from the beginning. To make things worse: the customer pays to send the product back to the company and the shipping fee of the replacement item.

Pictures: The products have photos of different quality and taken in different studios. If you are trying to find in these photos a reassurance that the company can be trusted, then better think again. The only thing you accomplish when you study these images is to become even more skeptical. These photos do not look at all like the photos of a reputable and trustworthy company, but rather like some pictures copied from the Internet and mixed in a way designed to trick the inexperienced online customer.

Domain registered: UK

Customer service: offers customer service by contact form and by live chat. Still, each time I was on this website the live chat was offline and no business hours are stated anywhere. Considering all the inconsistencies of this company, I really doubt that there is anyone online to take your chat. Of course, no phone number is available for those who are seeking for a direct and immediate assistance.

Summary: This website has a clear message: Buy discounted Christmas gifts in any day of the year. What it lacks is the ability to prove that it is a legitimate seller, and that placing an order here isn’t a leap of faith. It doesn’t offer any reassurance in regards to its products, policies and services. In my point of view, buying your replica from isn’t a wise decision and I wouldn’t recommend it.

Last modified: March 20, 2013

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