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You know what they say: “Talk is cheap” and this is exactly the case for The website is nothing but talk and it all starts on the home page with the “Mr Watches” nickname and the tag line “Top Australia Replica watches on sale”. It is so easy to say you’re the best, but so difficult to accomplish. Still, we will examine it very thoroughly to see what part is true and what part is just cheap talk.


The merchant clearly targets Australian customers as the homepage shows a big message “Australia Replica watches”. As many other Chinese websites, this is a strategy of getting sales from countries with a high business potential. UK and Australia seem to be the top favorites for replica companies. The collection is huge and includes the most reputable luxury watch brands. You wouldn’t think that the website has such a wide variety judging by the looks of the main menu, but when you scroll over the “Replica Watches” category you get a big surprise: an endless list of brands is revealed.

CONS has a pretty simple layout. It has a few buttons, a few banners and a couple of watches listed below the usual promotional messages. I pretty much think that the whole online store was constructed in a day or maybe two if we consider that uploading photos usually takes some time. If the content was good enough we could overlook this shortcoming, but the truth is that everything esthetic on this store is terribly common.  The only thing out of the ordinary is the company’s nickname “Mr Watches”. I truly doubt that it has the basis to even dare to call itself like this.

The prices vary from $130 for the Japanese watches to $300 for the Swiss watches. What I absolutely hate is that you have to waste so much time browsing the collection page by page. There is no Advanced Search option and you really need one when you have such a big collection of replica watches. Furthermore, the filter does not work. It does have the option of sorting the products by price, position and name, but it doesn’t do anything. It is just for show. Horrible.

The annoying sliding banner is present on all pages, not just on the homepage. I find it very inconvenient because it is very big and the relevant information you are trying to access on each page is presented, like some irrelevant nonsense. The description page isn’t very good, either. It has some copied and incoherent text at the beginning and only after this it presents the important characteristics of the watch. What I like is that the actual information about the products is very detailed and says everything there is to know about each part, material, size or weight of these replicas.

Reading the Shipping page is such a head ache. The text is written in very poor English and understanding it correctly is an enormous challenge. It is clear that the company is not Australian based.  It is probably a Chinese merchant. If you also take into consideration the fact that all packages are shipped with EMS then you can be sure the company is Chinese. Usually, the delivery takes about 7-9 days and a tracking number is provided and it costs $5 regardless of the recipient’s country.

The company offers a 14 days refund policy and you must contact them first to get a return authorization. The costs associated with shipping back the items are your responsibility and the original shipping charges are not refundable. A 14 days exchange policy is also available, but only for watches that were received defective, so reasons like ‘I am not happy with the quality” or “I don’t like it” will not be sufficient to request an exchange. Nothing is mentioned about a repair warranty.

The company only accepts Visa payments. A serious question mark rises when a website is able to process only one form of payment. All respected and reputable merchants need to provide alternative options such as Mastecard, Amex, Western Union, Bank Wire or Paypal. You can’t offer just one form of payment and expect the customers to trust that your business is solid. Plus, not everyone owns a Visa and a company should meet the necessities of all its potential customers.

Pictures: If you take a quick look at the main photos presented for the products from each category you will notice obvious differences in the style used to take those pictures. There are about 3-4 particular styles meaning that the images were copied from 3-4 different sources. This suggests that the pictures are not of the replica watches that the company stocks and sells. This being said, it makes no difference that the photos are unbelievably clear, so clear that you can see every small wrinkle in the protective plastic wrapped around the band of the watch. Basically, you see one thing in the images and you receive a completely different thing.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service: doesn’t offer something that I could call customer service. It only pretends to offer assistance to its customers through the means of a contact form. Otherwise, no other communication channels are available, certainly no contact phone number or a live chat option. This is the kind of company that doesn’t feel it pays to invest in customer orientated services as customers tend to complain and when they complain you feel obliged to attend them. It all seems so pointless when it could be so much easier to just cash in and not respond to messages regardless of their nature.

Summary: is an online store that needs some serious thought before placing your order. I am not convinced that it is the kind of replica website where you could shop safely and also expect to receive decent quality products. The merchant isn’t able to provide adequate payment methods, responsive customer service, own product photos or customer orientated services. I do not recommend it as I consider it a website with a very high fraud risk.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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