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Finding a reputable replica store is always tricky. There are so many companies out there that promise the best products, top quality and excellent services that it becomes almost impossible to see the truth, even when it is right in front of your eyes. What are the true colors of Let’s find out!

Perfect Replica Watches UK


The website has two menu bars, both colored in gray. The first one is positioned right on the top and it contains only six brands, the most renowned ones. Interesting enough, in this menu bar there is also a button for “Reviews”. By clicking on it you see a page with a couple dozen reviews. These do not look too authentic, but I’ve tried submitting one to see if it actually works and it did. My review was submitted immediately. The second menu has a lower visibility as it is positioned in the lower left side of the page. You just see a couple of the first brand names, to see the rest you need to scroll down.

Browsing through the products is not such a piece of cake. This is because there is no way to filter the items by price, mechanism, materials or other features. The brands are only divided into sub-collections, but some of these sub-collections have even 1000-2000 products. So you can imagine why finding a particular replica through so many items will turn out to be a real adventure. Also, the collection of this replica company includes many of the most important replica designers, and each brand category includes a very wide and inclusive selection of models.

All the prices are listed in GBP. The replica watches equipped with Asian automatic movement cost about 60-150 GBP while the replicas equipped with Swiss movement cost about 200-350 GBP. As you can observe, even though the Asian watches are incredibly affordable, the Swiss ones can cost an important amount of money. can ship packages worldwide and the delivery costs are $20 per package. The company needs about two business days to have the order ready for dispatch. The estimated delivery time varies depending on the delivery country. For European countries, it should take about 5-7 days to receive a package while for USA, Australia and South America the delivery takes about 10 days.


I have to be honest with you. I do not like the appearance of this website. The top part of the page is filled with a lot of non-sense text while the product pictures are displayed in the bottom of the screen. And, indeed, no one likes a webpage that is stuffed with endless promotional banners, but, sometimes, it is actually really nice to see some beautiful designed banners that show the most popular luxury watches on earth. does not have any of the cosmetic details that make the difference between a plain online store and a great looking one.

The description page is pretty detailed and it mentions all the important functions and design particularities of each replica watch, but it is written in terrible English.

In the order form it says that the accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. Sadly, this is not entirely true as after you go to the next step you see that the only available payment method is Visa card. I am very skeptical about ordering replica watches from an online company that says something and cannot respect it. Furthermore, I do not think it is safe to purchase a fake product from a website that only takes Visa cards. There are many scams out there and a stable company should be able to support more payment options.

All packages are shipped with a tracking number, but nowhere does it say what happens if your package is lost during shipping or if it seized by customs. I find this very concerning.

The company provides a 14 days refund and exchange policy. Of course, this policy comes with countless conditions. The products need to be unworn, undamaged and without any plastic removed. Also, all return fees must be paid by the customer and $20-$40 shipping and handling fee will be charged in order to process a refund or exchange. It does not say a thing about a repairs warranty, if the replica watches can be repaired after the 14 days return period expires. If the company offers such a repairs warranty then this should be stated on their website as to ensure the customers’ confidence in the company’s liability.

Domain registered: China

Pictures: The pictures of this replica store does not inspire me that much trust. This is because these look like they were copied from several sources. For example, some fake watches are photographed over a black background, other over a gray one while others over a white one. This clearly shows that not all of them were taken in the same studio. Plus, the photographic style is also very different, meaning that the photos were made by different persons. There is no option to enlarge the images. These are displayed at a very small size and the clarity is very low. Indeed, the pictures show the watches from various angles, but these are not very clear so you cannot see the very small and yet very important details. The cherry on top of all of this mess is that the images have the watermark of another website:

Customer service: On the top right side of the page there is a Live Chat button. You probably agree when I say that there is nothing more reinforcing when it comes to trust a replica website than a responsive and serious customer service. Well, forget about any possibility of ever chatting with this website as the Chat button is bogus. When you click it, it opens the Contact Us page. Here you see that you can contact the store only by sending an email to a Gmail account or by Contact Form.

Summary: is definitely not the only replica watches store based in China which fails greatly at providing a friendly and satisfactory shopping experience. The appearance of this page is dreadful, the website’s usability is as low as it gets, the description page is impossible to understand, the product pictures are copied from different sources, the customer service it hard to reach, the return conditions are meant to create even more discomfort and costs for the customers and the only accepted payment option is Visa.

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