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From the pile of generic replica websites we take out one that is particularly distinctive, one that differentiates its business by focusing on affordable prices, discounts, free delivery and a money back guarantee. Now, let’s take a look underneath this pretty picture and see what this company is all about.

PROS: is a very fashionable and stylish website that catches our attention from the first moment with its glam design. Still, the pretty looking layout and the floral accents are the kind you usually find on an online store that targets mostly women, whereas carries replicas both for men and women. I have to say that it’s a little bit too girlie for my taste.

The main page says everything you need to know about this company: it lists their main brands in a very esthetic menu with name and logo for each one, it states that the shop is based in UK, that the delivery is free and that your satisfaction is guaranteed by top notch services and by a 14 days money back guarantee.  It does look and sound very promising, almost too good to be true. I am very reluctant towards the “based in UK” part and I will scan every inch of this site to see if it’s really based in UK or just another Chinese store.

The default currency is GBP, but the page offers the option of changing the currency in the one of your liking. Also, the biggest part of the home page is reserved for displaying the “Huge discounts” watches. For some of them the discount is almost 50 GBP. Some of these offers are a pretty good deal. I like the big and flashy banner on the left side of the page encouraging the visitors to contact the company by email for any questions they may have. This shows that the seller is opened to communication and most important that it really is a reliable merchant.

The menu includes a wide range of brand names. All of them are iconic luxury brands, ones of the most desired in the world. Just name it and they got it. The collection is also pretty inclusive and features both Swiss and Japanese watches, both for men and for women. Take your time before making your decision because before your eyes lays an impressive number of choices. The page of each product presents a very detailed and well-constructed description, as well as a very innovative option of adding your own review for this product or writing a question about it.

The delivery page offers just basic information about their shipping policy, less than I am used to. Presumably they try to ship the package the next day, but this time frame varies depending on different factors. The delivery is free worldwide and regardless of the quantity or weight of the package. It should take just 1-5 business days for the order to arrive and a tracking number will be available, but you can use it only after 48-72 hours from the moment the package is shipped.


I didn’t find any information about the actual warranty of the watch, meaning repairs or replacement, and to what extent of time. The only information available on the website is about the return and exchange policy. The company provides a 14 days return/exchange policy. The return costs are the customer’s responsibility, and  it is very reassuring that the merchant issues a full refund. Still, the big question here is: What happens after the first 14 days? If the watch breaks then will the company fix it or dismiss the issue by saying: “We don’t state on the website that the watches come with a warranty. Please fix it by your own.”

On the bottom of the webpage it says that the accepted payment methods are Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. If you go to the checkout page you will see that that the Bank Wire option isn’t available- a misleading information that might inconvenience you if you were thinking of paying with bank transfer. Please note that Western Union payments receive a 30% discount and it is quite an appealing option if you are set on saving up as much as possible when buying your replica.

Pictures: The photos are very good and detailed. It is quite obvious that the images are not of the authentic watches. You can tell that they show the replicas and that these are of very good quality. The problem is that the watermark on the photos says…not so you really cannot be sure that these weren’t copied from another website. Another version may be that the company changed its domain recently and forgot to update the watermark on the photos. Still, it doesn’t look very professional.

Domain Registered: CANADA

Customer Service:  The customer service doesn’t represent the strong side of this business as the only way of getting in touch with the seller is by email. The company doesn’t offer assistance by phone or by live chat. This is a real disappointment as it appears to be a well-studied and clean website that covers all the basic requirements of an online business. Not having a contact phone number or a chat option shows that it doesn’t invest the maximum of available resources for complying with its customer’s needs.

Summary: is a clean and professional looking website offering a wide range of famous brand name replicas. It is an UK based source of good quality imitation watches which tempts us to try its products and services and enjoy the advantages of free worldwide delivery and 14 days money back guarantee.

Last modified: March 20, 2013

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  1. Mr May says:

    Oh i was so pleased when i opened my package from Replica Watches. I purchased a Rolex Submariner and its 99% accurate and totally fooled a couple of friends with the real thing. Came in a rolex box with all the relevant Rolex paperwork and arrived in 8 days from order. Will definately be using this prestige company again. Thanks you

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