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Buying a new replica watch isn’t easy. It is the result of extensive research meant to identify the most reputable replica stores that carry the desired knockoffs. Price, quality and services are everything when it comes to buying a perfect fake timepiece and this is why we must pay attention to every small detail. is one of the new players on the market. But is it a good source for beautiful and high quality imitation watches? Let’s find out!

Its website has a pretty nice appearance. It welcomes us with a simple look due to its plain gray background, simple menu and medium size sliding banners. The good part about its simplicity is that the page is quite friendly and easy to use. From the top purple menu bar you can start browsing all the brands. The main buttons are meant for the most popular brands, while the rest can be viewed by clicking on “All Categories”. This section of the collection is quite long and impressive as it unveils a very wide selection of brands.

Fake Swiss watches Store has a very large and diverse offer of replica watches. The products are divided into sub-categories that have the same collection name as the original brands, but not even this thorough organization is able to ease our access to the model that interests us. This is because there are so many different designs. For example, only Omega Seamaster lists over 24 pages of products. And there is no way to filter the watches by price, movement, dial size, gender or color. You just have to browse hundreds of items until you find one that you like.

All the prices are listed in USD. Furthermore, the store includes in its collection both Japanese automatic movement fakes and Swiss replica watches. The prices depend on the type of mechanism used for the knockoff. The prices of Japanese imitation watches range from $80 to $170 while the prices for Swiss automatic movement replicas start at $250 and go up to $550.

The pictures seem to be taken in two different studios. The first type of photos show a white background, appear to be clearer and have the option of enlarging them, while the second type of photos have a gray background, are of poor quality and can’t be enlarged. But the thing is that both types of images have the same watermark on them- one that doesn’t say, but This proves how unprofessional the company really is as it does not bother to provide accurate and reliable pictures for its replica watches.

I got to admit that the product description page is pretty detailed and specific. It lists all the important functions, materials, sizes, markings and aesthetic details of these replica watches, but unfortunately these are written in a very incoherent manner. is able to dispatch packages all around the world, but the delivery isn’t free. The charge applied for getting the replica watch to your door steps depends on the destination country. Shipping fees start at $20 and can reach $35. The orders are shipped with EMS or DHL and a tracking number is provided for the package. It usually takes about 5 to 10 business days to receive an order.

The strange part about the process of placing an order on this website is that after you enter the shipping details and you click “Next” the order is submitted and you see two buttons that allow you to select the desired payment method- Visa or Mastercard. I don’t know why, but the screen advises USA or Canada customers to choose Western Union. Still, no Western Union button is available. Furthermore, the Payment Form page isn’t an https one so I don’t think it is secure to enter your card details on this area of the site.

I was disappointed to discover that when you click on the button for “Return Policy” page it takes you to an empty page. Curious to see if this is something common for all the informative pages, I soon found out that, indeed, all these pages are blank. The company did not bother to invest a couple of hours into writing their policies online so that customers can find out what to expect when buying from this store.

There is a Live Chat button on the website, but this does not work. It is only for show. When you click it, it takes you to a static Contact Form on a page called “Feedback”. Here you can type your questions and hope that eventually someone will answer them. Also, the Contact Us page is blank. There is no contact info here like the address of the store, a phone number, their email address or business hours.

Unquestionably, is an Internet store that focuses on providing a wide range of fake watches at very low prices. The company ships packages all around the globe with the most reputable carriers and accepts Visa and Mastercard payments. Until now everything sounds pretty good, but there are also some Cons and these are: not having any information about its return policy, unprofessional customer service and unreliable product pictures.

Last modified: April 28, 2015

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