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As the name also suggests, these are times for replicas, times when our best reasonable option is an imitation watch.  We have to admit it; the only alternative to an extremely pricey original watch is a perfectly cloned timepiece. And this is how our search for the ultimate knockoff starts. Let’s see if this search will end here at, or if it is just a one-time stop in our quest for the best replica merchant.

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PROS: looks quite good. It is a carefully designed online store with an obvious focus on promotional incentives. It plays it safe with a black background enhanced by silver and red accents, respecting its overall elegant appearance. The layout is pretty simple, but it still manages to boost numerous banners, an impressive menu and some pretty interactive features. Judging only by the homepage one could say that we are dealing with a real professional of the replica industry.

It certainly is a name easy to remember. This being said, if the looks, quality products and services rise to satisfactory standards then the website could actually become a huge hit. You will notice a pretty out of the ordinary classification for the main menu bar, on the very top of the page. The products are divided by Gender, Movement Type, Diamond and Gold features. It is unusual for any online store to prefer this type of categorization instead of the regular Shop-by-brand approach. Still the later couldn’t be fully avoided so if you scroll down you will finally see a pretty inclusive “Watches by Brands” list-type of menu.

I got to hand it to it. The products are very well classified into sub-categories depending on the main characteristics, brand and original collection name. Frankly, it is the best classification I have seen so far. Indeed, what isn’t anywhere on the different filtering options is the “Swiss movement” type. Browsing through the products and noticing the $250-$300 price range, the only logical conclusion that comes in my mind is that these are all Japanese movement watches. Furthermore, the description page doesn’t reveal additional details about the type of movement these watches carry. The specifications only say “Automatic watch” or ‘Quartz watch”. There is no mention of the manufacturing country of the inside mechanism. offers a very inclusive range of convenient payment options. These various payment methods are: Paypal Visa, Mastercard, Western Union and Bank Wire. It is always nice to find a merchant who provides so many different payment choices so that the customer can really choose the most suited one.


The company claims to offer a one year quality guarantee, eligible for a full refund if the problem is determined by quality flaws. However, reading the very complex and intriguing Return Policy page you begin to comprehend that its impossible to comply with rules may very well mean that you will never be able to take advantage of this policy. The last statement from this page outlines quite nicely the ambiguous one year Guarantee they pretend to offer: “If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase: You may be eligible for a return or exchange depending on your situation and the type of item involved.”

In my opinion, the shipping information isn’t clear enough. It appears that when you buy one watch the delivery costs are about $25, and if you buy a second product then you benefit from free shipping for the additional item. This makes me think that you still pay $25 for the first replica from your order. Also, it seems that Western Union and wholesale orders get free delivery as well. Generally, orders are shipped through EMS, DHL or UPS, and the delivery takes about 5 – 7 days. The receipt of the package is guaranteed and if the order isn’t received then a claim is opened and the products are reshipped free of charge.

Pictures: What I absolutely didn’t expect from this company was to find only one single photo per product. Yes, that’s right. There are no detailed pictures for its watches. Each item has only one average quality photo, mainly showing just the front part of the watch. This limitation of its product pictures makes me doubt the quality of the replicas and the company’s liability.

Domain registered: USA

Customer service: To my amazement, there are still out there companies such as which do not invest in customer service. I am saying this because the website only provides a contact email address. It does not offer a phone number or a live chat option.  You may not realize how important is to be able to reach an operator and communicate in real time. It is essential especially when we are talking about a company selling replicas online.

Summary: knows how to fake it! It fakes being an elegant website, having good quality products, viable satisfaction guarantees and after sales services. Sadly, the truth is that it fails to prove the quality of its merchandise; it provides an impossible to comply with warranty and does not have a reliable customer services.

Last modified: October 16, 2013

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