Written by | Sites Review likes to call itself “The best online store”. This is a very bold statement, and should be tested so we can all acknowledge if such a store exists and what it has to offer that is so much different than other websites.


The main menu doesn’t include too many brand names, but if you click on one of the categories it will reveal a much longer and richer selection of brands and designs. You basically have an A-Z reproduction of well-known designs made by the most prestigious watch companies. Just think what your top favorite timepiece is and start browsing. I can guarantee that you will find it here. Honestly, this online collection of replica watches is simply impressing.


The website has a commercial look; this is also reinforced by the Christmas themed promotional banners. Maybe they have forgotten to update the website after Christmas, or maybe they just want to be prepared for this year’s winter shopping spree. I just can’t seem to understand the reason why they still use the winter holidays as an incentive for convincing its customers to order. Besides these lovely and very convincing banners, the home page presents a very long list of: New Products, Special Products and Featured Products. Oh, my! What shall I choose?

As I just said, the collection is impressive, but it’s such a pity that you won’t get to actually find what you are looking for. Why? Because they do not have an Advanced Search option and browsing through all the designs may take ages. I find it amusing that the only filter they have sorts the watches by the first letter. For example, all the watches from the Breitling category start with “B” so this filter is useless. No option to filter by price, gender, popularity or anything like this. It seems like they didn’t think this over.

The prices are ok. The Japanese watches are about $130-$160 and the Swiss watches are about $300. Once again, there is no way to filter the Swiss from the Japanese watches. You have to go from page to page to find the watches you want. The description page is a huge mess. The properties of the watches are presented in a sloppy manner and without any technical specifications. There is no information about size, weight or type of automatic movement. Only general information is presented, such as “Automatic movement”, „Solid back with logo and engravings”, „All the appropriate engravings and embossments in all the appropriate places”.

The delivery to North America and to Asia takes about 4-7 days, and to other countries it takes 7-14 days. Of course, if you choose UPS, TNT, DHL you will receive it sooner. The sad part is that the text from the Shipping page contains the name of another website “”. Maybe they copied the text, maybe the whole website is a redesigned online store. Either way, this doesn’t inspire too much confidence in the company’s liability.

The only forms of payment are Visa and Western Union. This is a real disappointment for the customers who are interested in actually ordering from this store. You can’t trust a company that doesn’t even try to comply with its customer’s payment preferences. It should list at least three trustworthy and worldwide used payment options to convince us that it is a serious merchant and that we can order without any fear of being scammed. And let’s not forget that in the bottom of the page it shows the logos for Paypal and Mastercard even though these payment methods are not available on the site.

In the bottom of the website there are numerous links for completely useless pages, but not even one for a return or warranty policy page. The only information about this subject can be found on the FAQ page. Here we are informed that the company offers a 7 days refund/exchange policy and that the customers must pay all the shipping fees. Still, it doesn’t say anything about a repair warranty. The company is very vague about this issue, an issue of great importance to us, customers.

Pictures: If you open a brand category you will immediately notice how the style of the presentation photos is different from a watch model to another. This shows that the photos are not owned by this company, they were certainly not taken in their studio and most important: the images do not show the actual products they sell. More likely, the merchant copied some nice looking photos from other websites or from the original catalogs and merged them together as to look nicely and elegant. The result is totally different. It shows how dishonest this company really is.

Domain registered: USA

Customer Service:  Another replica merchant with a non-existing customer service. On the top of the page it clearly says “Live Help Lines Opened 7 Days a Week”, but what are those “live help lines”? The merchant doesn’t have a contact phone number, and, also, no live chat option. Not to mention that it doesn’t even provide a contact email address. It only has a contact form. So, once again: what are those live help lines? Because the only Live thing on this website is a big Scam.

Summary: From what I can tell is far less complicated than the name it carries. It is a plain and simple bogus website. Yes, it is very likely that this website is a scam and cannot be trusted. Everything about its policies, about the product pictures, the website content and the services it provides- says that it is an unreliable online store that cannot be trusted. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone purchasing replicas from this place. I strongly believe that such a transaction will be anything else but satisfactory.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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