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You are probably thinking of buying a new replica watch, one that looks identical to the original watch, which keeps accurate time and will last for a very long time. Sounds great, isn’t it? It is everything any watch passionate person wants. But where do we find these good quality fake timepieces and when we come across them, how do we recognize their value? It all comes down to finding a reputable online store, one that provides high quality and excellent services. may be just that kind of store. But let’s not jump to conclusions. A quick review of its products, prices and services will reveal everything we should know about its liability.

Swiss Replica Watches

The website doesn’t have such an elegant or appealing design. It has a slightly old look due to the poor graphic- mainly the background and banners. Still, it isn’t that bad. The color scheme is gray and purple, the menu bar is simple and located on top of the page, and the sliding banner features 5 medium size pictures of famous watches. The overall appearance is a common one, but the website is quite easy to browse and user friendly so in the end it is not that bad.

The upper menu bar lists buttons for 9 very popular brands, but these aren’t all the available watch brands this company sells. It offers many other famous designers and this can be confirmed by clicking on the “All Categories” button. The list of watch companies is very long and each category has a wide number of designs. Just Rolex includes over 5,000 items. This proves that the company has a huge number of brands and each one includes many best-selling designs. Surely, any watch fan will find here its favorite model.

The brands are organized into sub-categories, but there is no Advanced Search available. You can only filter the items by price. This is a huge inconvenience considering its wide selection of replica watches. carries both Swiss and Japanese made watches. The knockoffs that are equipped with a 21 jewels Myiota automatic movement cost about $80-$250 while the ones that have a 25 jewels ETA self-winding mechanism are priced between $300 and $500. I know, at first glance the difference may seem huge, but it is totally justified by the difference in the accuracy of the mechanism and high functionality of the watch.

Maybe these replica watches are good quality. It could be possible, but it surely isn’t something reinforced by the product pictures posted on this website. When a company has good products and can’t wait to show them off, it usually invests in high quality pictures that are able to convince the customers that these replicas are very good copies. Still, uses images copied from 3 different catalogs, pictures that do not look like they were taken in its studio. So what should we think about its fake watches? Do they look like in the pictures or totally different?

The website is able to process only Visa and Mastercard payments, even though the little logo from the payment form shows Mastercard and Maestro as well. Apparently, the store does not offer the alternative of paying with a different method, like Western Union, Bank Wire or Money Gram. This shows a lack of consideration towards those customers who do not want to put their card info online, especially if you think about the fact that the card processing page isn’t secured- it doesn’t have the https.

The company ships packages all around the globe, but it does not provide free delivery. It charges a flat rate shipping fee of $20 for each order delivered at the customer’s door steps. $20 isn’t a very large sum, but it isn’t free either. And we just can’t help wanting free delivery for all our replica watches purchases. The packages are shipped with EMS or UPS and the estimated delivery time is 5-10 business days. Of course, a tracking number will be assigned to every dispatched order.

When I wanted to check the return policy and I clicked on the link from the bottom of the page, I was surprised to see that it loaded a blank page. I was very disappointed by this. I was expecting the company to pay more attention to the functionality of its website, but guess what? None of the links from the bottom of the page works. I have tried them all- over 10 links- and not even one loads a page that actually has a thing on it.

Its Customer Care isn’t better than the functionality of the website. On the upper right side of the page there is a Live Chat button. When I clicked it, it loaded the Contact Us page. No agent took my conversation. On the Contact Us page there was only a Contact Form where I had the option of writing a message. There was no mention of their business hours, an email address or a phone number. has lots of things that make you want to buy its replica watches. Things like the very large collection, low prices and speedy worldwide delivery may tempt you to order from this store, but there are more other things to consider. Its product pictures are copied from different catalogs, it doesn’t offer alternatives to card payments, the payment form isn’t secured, it doesn’t post any information about its return policy and it doesn’t offer professional and friendly customer services.

Last modified: May 20, 2015

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