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Replica Bulgari Diagono Professional

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Bvlgari, the famous Italian designer has become a very important presence on the luxury watches market ever since it launched the much appreciated Octo Finnisimo Tourbillon. Over the years, the brand has continuously upgraded the design and internal components of its watches by bringing surprising innovations. While the overall look of these timepieces is iconic for the Bulgari style and personality, it also flirts with futuristic aesthetics, complex functions and state of the art comfort enhancements.

Authentic Watch

Authentic Watch

Particularly, the Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT is a simpler and more classic model that appeals to those who adore wearing beautiful watches without compromising their classy style. Even though the watch may seem sporty looking and casual, it has many clever details that make it suitable for more formal attires. The sleek black dial, the simplicity of the watch’ face, body and bracelet recommends it for successful men with a sense of modernity and adventure.

Bulgari GMT Replica

For all the above reasons, I simply adore the Diagono Professional GMT. Of course, I am not a successful or rich man so I really cannot afford spending thousands of dollars on the genuine watch, but I know enough about designer watches to guarantee the purchase of a very authentic looking replica. Luckily for you, I am ready to share this knowledge with you!

Diagono GMT Imitation

When you are buying a Diagono Professional GMT replica watch, you must first inspect the dial. This is the most important part of any watch. A good knockoff should have a clean black dial with a matte surface. At the 6 o’clock position there should be the small dial that counts from 1 to 31 days. The purpose of this dial is to indicate the date. The hour markers are made from stainless steel and are covered with a thin luminescent coating to offer better legibility in the dark. Also, all correctly cloned watches should have at 12 o’clock an oversized numeral and the texts “BVLGARI” and “AUTOMATIC” beneath it.

crown and buttons of fake watch

The most impressive thing about this Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT model is that it shows triple time zone. How is this possible? Well, the first time zone’s hour is indicated by the main hour hand, the second time zone’s hour is indicated by the hand with a red tipped arrow and the third time zone is indicated by the 24 hours rotating bezel. As I was saying at the begging of this review, Bvlgari is very keen on designing very innovative and futuristic looking watches so no matter how simple this model may appear to be, it is very complex in terms of functionality.

Fake Bulgari Diagono Back

Some fans call this Diagono Professional GMT as “Diagono Pepsi dial” because of the blue and red inner bezel that is iconic for the very famous soft drinks brand. This is another detail you should pay attention to. The markings on this bi-colored ring are very important. The red and blue should end and begin only at the numbers 6 and 18.

band screws

The original Bvlgari comes only with a sapphire crystal, but on a replica it will be very difficult to find this same type of crystal. In most cases, the Asian knockoffs have a mineral crystal while the Swiss ones have a sapphire crystal. The latter one is more resistant. Mine comes with a mineral crystal, but I am very pleased with it. Until now it holds up really well.

The outside bezel, the case and the bracelet of a good quality Bvlgari Diagono Pro GMT replica watch should always be made out of solid stainless steel. Only this way the watch will be heavy and sturdy as the authentic product. Also, the entire silvery surface must be completely brushed as to have a rough and manly look. On the bezel there should be engraved- the hour numerals, plus its core functionality- “GMT”.

The authentic Bvlgari Diagono Professional GMT costs over $10,000 so considering this staggering price you can understand why so many watch enthusiasts prefer to buy a replica instead. As long as you pay attention to all the small design details you should be able to easily find a decent quality replica watch online at a fair price. This is what I did and I am now one of the satisfied owners of a beautiful Bulgari knockoff.

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Last modified: November 20, 2017

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