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It is always about quality. We are constantly looking to get the best quality available, but without compromising out budget. This is how most often we turn our eyes from those much sought after original designer brands watches to the more affordable and average looking replica timepieces. It seems like a reasonable compromise. We decide to get the best quality our money can buy and when it comes to a Rolex, this basically means a knockoff. This is how companies like Qualityreplica.co manage to allure us. They flash before our eyes a couple of best-selling fake watches and we are instantly convinced that we need to have them at once. But whether this is such a wise and secure purchasing decision only time and this thorough review can tell.

High Quality Replica Watches

Honestly, in most cases a quick glimpse at the design of a website is everything you need to determine if it is a trustworthy store or not. In this case, my intuition tells me that this merchant is very far from what a decent quality company is all about. The site is very poorly designed. The homepage is the first thing that shocked me. It has a blunt white and black color scheme- plain white background and white menu buttons with black text. The sliding banner is pretty petite, below it there is a large chunk of text and even lower on the page there are the sponsored products. Somehow the page seems disproportioned and difficult to follow. It lacks user friendliness and proper usability.

Qualityreplica.co has two menu bars. One is located right at the top of the page and it includes buttons for some important categories (e.g. Rolex, Top 10 Classic, Deals) and for a few informative pages( e.g. About Us, FAQ, Quality Comparison). In the left side of the screen there is the brands menu that features buttons for 16 of the company’s watch names and every single one of them reveals the list of available sub-categories. The collection is pretty diversified, but it is not exaggeratedly rich. Every brand includes from a dozen to about a hundred items. Apparently, the company has selected some of the most popular designs to include on its Internet page. To make browsing smoother, the products can be sorted by price and popularity.

This replica website sells only Swiss equipped imitation timepieces. All of its available brands except Panerai feature watches that are powered by a mechanical self-winding Swiss movement. Only Panerai appears to have a high grade Swiss quartz mechanism. The prices for these Swiss movement fakes start at $500 and can hit $800. Even the Swiss quartz movement Panerai watches cost about $500 or more. This feels like a lot of money for a watch that will go “tick tock”.

The product pictures are plain horrible. The website is a compilation of photos copied from countless sources. There are pictures with a white background, some with a black one, replicas photographed in the watch case, over the wrist, on a blanket, on a piece of furniture and even some obvious catalog photos. Also, on some of the black background images there is the watermark of a different website. Those say “qualityproductmall.com”. My honest opinion is that no one should ever buy a product from such a store unless the company sends him photos of its actual products.

Qualityreplica.co accepts the following payment methods- Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. On the website it says that the card options are “new order payments” while Western Union and Bank Wire are called “email send payment methods”. Also, Western Union orders enjoy a 8% discount. My main problem is the Payment Form page that isn’t secure. It does not have the “https” at the beginning of the site’s domain. This means that the webpage is not encrypted and the information you put in can very easily be hacked by a third party. I do not recommend entering your card info on such a page.

Are you ready for some good news? Then let me break it to you! The company offers free worldwide delivery. How about that? Face it, there is nothing more rewarding than finding out that a replica watches store offers free of charge delivery. This merchant sends all its packages with EMS and the estimated delivery time is about 10-15 business days. Needless to say, all dispatched orders have a tracking number available.

I do not like the fact that the company does not offer detailed information about their one year repairs policy. On the top of the page it states in bold red letters that all Swiss replica watches come with a one year free repairs warranty, but nowhere on the site does it say what are the terms and conditions of this warranty. Also, there is no mention on the entire webpage about having a refund policy. No question about it, all customers want to know what happens if they get the product and they do not like it. How can they claim a refund?

I am not sure about the customer service provided by Qualityreplica.co. On the website it has that eye catching live chat button, but when I was on the page it said “offline” so I simply left a message. The thing, is that on the contact page it didn’t say what are their business hours so how should anyone know when to contact its agents? Also, I did not see any phone numbers or customer service email addresses. The only way of getting through was by using a plain Contact Form.

Qualityreplica.co is not all about quality, if you ask me. This replica watches store has a poorly designed website, considerably high prices, copied product pictures, terrible customer services and does not give out any information about its return and repairs policies. The only thing that might trick you into ordering its products are the free delivery and its one year repairs warranty claim.

Last modified: January 26, 2016

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