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Elegance and luxury are not terms that describe just the exquisite replica watches sold by, but also key attributes for the perfectly studied appearance of its website. The design is practically a tribute to refinement, style and everlasting beauty… in watches. Every single inch of this online store speaks about what we watch collectors simply adore: iconic and refined watches that have passed the test of time.

If you are reading this article then you are surely looking to buy a replica watch and need some guidance for picking the right supplier. Here are a couple of hints on how to recognize a reputable online store: pay great attention to the information posted on the website, to the product description, to the quality and coherence of the photos, and most important to the refund and warranty policies. Ordering a replica online has to feel safe and secure. It has to provide you the same services and product quality as you would usually get from an authorized jeweler. A company that doesn’t have a well-established policy regarding pre and after sale services provided to its customers, it isn’t serious about offering you the satisfaction you deserve. I have spent a considerable length of time on this website trying to find a glitch that would give it away, but up to now this hasn’t happened. Everything recommends ‘perfect watches’ as a trustworthy source of online replica watches.

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Let’s face it: we are looking to buy the most authentic replica watches on the market at the lowest price possible. We care very much about the quality of the products, but we are also desperate to preserve our savings intact. PerfectWatchez has a pretty big selection of well-known brand names and captures our attention with the most loved designs of luxury watches ever made. Focusing your attention on other important aspects such as quality and what happens after your order is placed, is almost impossible. Still, let’s analyze the facts that count: each product has a very accurate and rich description that allows us to determine its exact quality and potential, the photos are also a living proof of this, and in addition we also find customer’s reviews in the bottom of the product description page. All this plus what I consider to be a pretty decent price.

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If you are thinking about ordering from this company then let me present the accepted payment methods. These are Visa, Western Union, Bank Transfer,  Echecks for US customers only,  and JCB. The payment options offered by a merchant show how much he invests in assuring easy access to its business to as most customers as possible. This company is clearly dedicated to this goal and through the means of diversity it tries to include in its range the most preferred and used payment methods. offers a 14 days refund policy and a 6 months warranty. The first one entitles you to a full refund within the first 14 days from the delivery. No questions asked. And the warranty covers any manufacturer’s defect. These two policies are designed to assure the customer that even after the payment is made the merchant will be liable and responsible for the functionality of the goods provided. Don’t be fooled by merchants pretending to sell the best quality on the market at the best price. Its website, its customer service and policies are a testimony of its commitment and professionalism.

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The company ships packages worldwide and the delivery time is about 4-8 business days. We are advised that it usually takes about 1-2 business days to prepare the merchandise for dispatch. Of course, a tracking number is provided. The estimated delivery time is quite short and this shows that we are dealing with a professional seller who is aware of the fact that time is the essence in online shopping.

Customer service is the key piece in completing the complicated puzzle of a successful online business. Without this very important element you can’t connect your activity with the needs and expectations of your customers. On the Internet, trust is built on responsiveness; and not being able to get in touch with a merchant shatters your confidence that it really is a safe website where to place your order. These are the reasons why when you finally find a company that offers phone, email and live chat customer service, you feel relieved and secure about making a payment on its online store. does offer phone, email and live chat. Its business hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to Midnight EST. I think it is only fair to acknowledge it as one of the few replica websites that is dedicated to providing the best care possible to its customers.

The photos of the products are unbelievably clear and detailed. You can actually see every small marking and writing on these imitation watches. The background of the photos and the way these were taken show that we are dealing with pictures of the actual stock. I can guarantee that no matter how hard you try you won’t find these images anywhere else on the online market. Reputable companies are very serious about their product photos and each one represent a considerable investment. This is why you will notice the watermarks with the right domain name  all over the photos. This prevents anyone else from using these pictures, owned by

Perfect Watches is the online replica company that could compete and maybe outrun authorized dealers without putting in too much effort. It has everything you want from a supplier of imitation timepieces:  a friendly and easy to use website, excellent services, good quality products, transparency in its policies and a professional way of conducting its business. It is the ideal online source of replicas, an ever flowing stream of timeless beauty for those who love watches.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. Frank says:

    This website has been recommended to me by several friends. I was looking to buy an imitation watch that would look and feel like the real one, but I was on a tight budget. I can’t afford to buy myself a real Rolex or a Cartier or an Omega. For me these brands are a luxury that I can’t afford even though I crave for it very much. At the moment I feel that a knock off suits my needs perfectly. It is affordable, it looks unbelievably authentic and luxurious and its quality and time keeping capabilities are outstanding. My friends recommended as the perfect place to find great replicas and satisfactory services.
    I have accessed the website and started browsing the Submariner collection. I have always been a fan of the Rolex Submariner and for me it is an iconic time piece. It has what I love more in a watch. Modern and dynamic design, flawless craftsmanship and the representative rotating bezel with 120 clicks. While I was looking for the perfect model I have noticed the chat window. I was very tempted to test the customer service that was presented to me by my friends as very informative and helpful, and I did discover it to be all that or even better. I have started asking about everything; about the delivery time, about the warranty, about the return policy, about the quality of the products. I have asked if there are any recommendations on what would be the best choice considering quality and popularity. The conversation went very smooth and it was very pleasant. The customer care officer answered all my questions with great patience and explained everything in details. I was delighted and felt reassured to see that the company offers a response to customer’s inquiries. There are a few sellers out there that are serious enough to actually offer assistance by email, phone or chat. Most websites are impossible to reach. Their contact page is bogus.
    I went through with it and submitted the order. The delivery took 2 days more than estimated, but I was more than fine with it as when I have contacted the company they explained the reason for the delay, they offered me updated and very useful tracking information and kept tracking the package daily and informing me about its status. They went through a lot of work to make sure I was confident about the safe delivery of my package. Because of this I felt that I have no reasons to worry. These people are clearly the kind that will deliver what they promise, no matter what.
    The watch was exactly as expected: a beautiful Rolex Submariner. I have seen my friend’s replicas and I knew the quality was good, but it still took me by surprise. It was remarkably close to the real one. I looked and looked at it from all possible angles and played a little with it, but I couldn’t find anything that would distinguish it from the real deal. It was everything I paid for and more. I am very satisfied with it and I plan on ordering another one soon. I have an Omega Seamaster in mind and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. reviewer says:

    I just bought from perfect watches and my new GMT MASTER 2 is amazing. I have 10 years of experience with Rolex and i have collected 10 Rolex watches from Tourneau in NYC. This model has been my dream model but most my real Rolexes are stainless steel and range from $8,000 to $12,000. I just can’t stomach paying $30,000 for a Gold Rolex. Now with my new purchase from I can now look like a million bucks without spending a MILLION BUCKS! Their customer service was great and I already made another purchase for me and my wife. I really can’t tell the difference and the quality is stunning. Every week before my purchase I visited Tourneau and had the real version in my hand and on my wrist. And I can tell you there is no difference, and believe me if there is, its not worth $30,000 and thats how much my model costs. I got it for $225 and with the added discount, $210. I’ll never buy a real Rolex ever again. I wish I knew this 10 years ago.

  3. scott says:

    i think they air all mead in china ie the Swiss ones as well

  4. Oesch says:

    The impression arises that the fake watches are similar to the Original. But of Course it is just the shell which Looks alike. The Heart of a watch is inside and there is the difference. In 5 years a Rolex will still be in perfect condition and probably you can sell it for the Same Price You bought it. Even After 20, 30 years it will work Almost as exact as the First day. A replica will probably still work After two years, but It will have no value.

    1. Allan says:

      In some ways the above comment is incorrect.
      Replicas tend to run with a Miyota movement which is a very reliable machine. Buying Rolexes will be a poor investment as they will decrease in value with age. Every 3-5 years the Rolex will need a $600 service to keep running. I think the major difference would be that Rolex’s tend to have no flaws cosmetically and the replicas are never properly waterproof.

  5. John says:

    This review is totally misleading and written by some deluded twat. i have heard so many poor reviews from customers about this website about scam, faulty watches and delayed delivery. I would never ever recommend anyone perfectwatches. They even copied superwatches’s website design!

  6. Chris says:

    I purchased a watch from Perfect Watches, GMT Master II Swiss Movement.It is now in the bin.

    Instead of being proud of the watch it ended up an embarrassment to wear and a complete waste of money, Anyone looking to but one of these watches from perfect watches I would highly recommend you stay clear. Follow up is poor, no concern for any issues you have and the swiss movement was not a swiss movement but an cheap Chinese brand. The watch movement itself was plagued with problems, watch did not keep accurate time, date adjust failed to work after one week, winding movement malfunctioned, bezel cracked around the same time as the date adjust stopped working, sweeping hand was not a smooth movement. They say the right thing in their emails but I can tell you this is just lip service with no intention of ever resolving your issues.

    The watch was not mis-handled in any way by myself and in fact it was only worn a hand full of times. If you do not care about service or quality and have money to burn go ahead but for most of us who buy one of these types of watches do so because we have a passion to own a genuine Rolex but because financially we have other commitments on an limited budget we are forced to settle for a replica.

    Not worth it and if I can spare you the agony of spending your hard earned money and more the disappointment you will fell that will last a lot longer after the watch has been binned then good.

  7. and is the same company and BOTH are scam. Ordered a watch 3 weeks ago, even a girl from WASHINGTON, USA, called me. She spoke English and Spanish and was not Asian so they are actually an American company. The website dissapeared, they took the money and never sent the watch.

    1. sparkybologny says:

  8. MIKE SIEGEL says:

    bought watches……………..about 2 yrs ago………..same company?PERFECTWATCHES.CN

  9. Kev says: can go to h*ll !! they scammed me of over 700$ !!! if you want to order please steer clear of this guys. there are many reputable and high quality sellers like on reddit or / .

  10. kev says:

    dont buy from these guys ! they scammed me for over 700$ ! you are better off checking out reddit, reptimes(dot)shop or even aliexpress !! stay clear of anything perfectwatches, they scammers ! checkout reddit or hit up reptimes

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