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To be or not to be…an UK based website? That is the question that most replica companies probably think of when they start up a new website. It has become a very popular trend to use a .uk domain and to list their prices in GBP. It seems that UK customers are more profitable than the rest and, also, that being an UK based company inspires more confidence.


The collection is huge. The menu includes countless brand names. You need a great deal of patience to simply view all of them, just the brand names. I don’t want to even think how it would be to browse the whole collection, brand by brand. Each category has its endless selection of design and, of course, an Advanced Search option isn’t available. You need a lot of time to go through all of them not to mention ever finding the model you are looking for.

The prices are a true surprise. You can find many beautiful watches at $59. These are Japanese made. The Swiss models cost about $300, more or less. Indeed, it’s hard to say “no” given these prices and you may very well be tricked into placing an order just to see what the quality of these very affordable timepieces is. It’s very difficult to control your curiosity. The page of each watch shows a description that does not say very much about the quality of the replicas. It only offers basic information, but not the specifics you really need to know before ordering one.  The product suggestions from the section “Customers who bought this product also purchased…” is a very nice touch, tough.

The order processing time is 1-2 days as for most websites. European customers are privileged as they get the orders faster, more exactly in 5-7 days. For USA, Australia, most countries of South America the delivery takes 10 days. The shipping fee is a flat rate of 13.41 GBP and a tracking number is provided. I simply adore their ‘Lost packages” policy. If a package isn’t delivered in 4 weeks then it will be considered as lost and a new one will be reshipped free of charge or, if the customer wishes so, a refund will be issued. This shows that the company puts its customer sfirst and its profit second.

The company offers 14 days refund/exchange policy and a 180 days repair warranty. Please note that no return will be accepted without prior contacting the company by email and saying the reason of the return. It seems fair. A company needs to keep a record of all the packages sent to its customers, as well as of all the packages being sent back to its warehouse. The costs of sending back the items are supported by the customer and when a refund is requested a 20-40 GBP shipping and handling fee will be deducted from the initial transaction.


The website looks ok, elegant and simple. It uses black and white colors. You will surely notice the shiny diamonds used to mark its buttons. I guess, it wants to have a luxurious appearance, but it only manages to look childish. The prices are in GBP, but judging by its English I really doubt that this is an UK based website. It may address British customers, but it certainly isn’t an UK merchant. My first impression is that it is a below average replica store with obvious medium quality and doubtful services.

The accepted payment options are Visa and Mastercard. Yes, these are ones of the most used payment options worldwide, but I find it very odd that the merchant doesn’t provide alternatives to card payment, such as Western Union, Bank Wire, Money Gram, Echecks or Paypal. It is hard not to be afraid that once you put your card details in you will never hear back from the company. Offering non-card payment options gives you a feeling of security even if you do not intend of using them.

Pictures:  The product photos are of decent quality. I like that you can enlarge each picture, but I also hate the fact that you don’t have that easy and common “Next” button to jump to the following picture. You need to open another window to see it. Otherwise, the clarity is great and the watches are shown from all important angles and close-ups to essential details are available. You can really see the most relevant parts of each watch. You could almost believe that these photos are of their actual stock, if it wouldn’t be for that “rolex2u.com” watermark that is present on all pictures.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: You can contact the company just through a contact form available on the website. Do not even dream of a phone number, email address or live chat that you can use to address your questions and get an immediate response. You only have the contact form. Given the nature of its business, I find it necessary to offer an immediate response to its customer such as the ones provide by a contact phone number or by a live chat service.

Summary:  Ourwatchesale, PrimeTime or Rolex2U? Which one is it? This website shows so many different names that it really gets confusing. This certainly isn’t a case of mistaken identities. It is just a common case of domain change and probably too many to keep a track of them. I just hate websites with multiple names. It shows they did not take the time to put their online store together; they did not take the time to earn our trust.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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