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If you were looking for an OK replica store then this may be just the right one for you. Set in motion your passion for beautiful timepieces and start searching for the ultimate replica watch, a “pièce de résistance” for your collection.


Scrolling down through the “Watches Catalogue” we observe that the company sells almost all famous watch brands. The collection is excessively inclusive. Classic watches or fashionable watches, you will find them all here. And what about the prices? Basically, all products are advertised with a discount starting at 30% and up to 50%. Nevertheless, the final price seems to be about $100-$180. Allegedly, the $100-$150 watches are Japanese quality while the $150-$180 ones are equipped with an automatic movement. Even with an incredibly large discount, $180 for a Swiss made watch seem highly unrealistic.

The company is able to accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB and Western Union payments. I must admit that I am really surprised to find an online replica merchant that provides these many and so divers types of payments. Depending on your payment resources or on the degree of confidence you have in the company you can choose one of the above options. Still, you might want to know that Western Union orders get an additional 15% off.

The main carrier used is EMS, but alternatively the merchant can ship also with DHL, UPS or TNT. The delivery to European countries takes 5-8 business days, while to other destinations it may take about 10 business days or more. Packages are shipped with a tracking number and the delivery is guaranteed. If the package is lost then it will be reshipped free of charge. And if you are looking to save on shipping costs then let me inform you that orders over $150 get free delivery.

The company provides a 15 days Exchange and Refund policy as well as a one year warranty. The Exchange and Refund policy refers to any defects or differences that you may notice on your product while the one year warranty covers only manufacturing defects. More precisely, wear and tear damages are not covered by the warranty. Overall, it seems like a pretty fair satisfaction guarantee.


Yeah, I guess you could say OKreplicas.net looks pretty OK. It is more than obvious that it was never intended as a refined online store of superior quality replica watches. It is just another average looking shop with a basic template, tacky color scheme and rudimentary usability. It pretty much looks unfinished, like a school project without your parents’ final touch. Do I like it? Honestly, my first reaction was to leave the site at once, but for the sake of this review I had to continue.

So let’s start browsing! There are two menu bars, one at the top for the promotional and informative pages, and a secondary menu on the right side of the page with the available brands. In the center we see three unaesthetic banners and a small selection of the “New Arrivals”, “Hot products” and “Specials”. I have noticed the Testimonial section of this site where there are quite a few comments, supposedly, from buyers. What I did not see was an option to post them and I am unsure of how objective these opinions are if the customer doesn’t have the freedom and a way of posting his review on his own.

My never ending problem with watch-sites is that most do not bother to invest in the usability of the online store, in making it easy for the customer to find just the right product. And it really is something very easy to achieve. Just add a filter or an advanced search, and browsing through the pile of designs will be a piece of cake. Okreplicas.net is one of the less considerate websites where finding a watch means you have to go through countless pages. However, when you do locate the right watch and you click on it, what do you find? You find a poorly made description page with a ton of information about the watches, but so randomly written that you simply cannot trust its accuracy.

Pictures: The pictures are of very poor quality and are available only in a quite small size. Luckily, there is an enlarge feature available. What I particularly like about the photos is that these show numerous parts of the watch such as the dial, back case, winding crown, inside of the band and the clasp. What I absolutely dislike is the fact that all the pictures have a watermark with the website name “idomontres.com”.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: I was curious to see what ways of contacting the company we have. As anticipated, there are not that many options. You can get a hold of the customer care representatives only by contact form, by email or by MSN.

Summary: I think this is an OK replica merchant to deal with. Although its prices make you unsecure about the quality of the products, it manages to convince you of its professionalism with its fair satisfaction policies, with the diversity of its payment options and with the liability of its shipping method.

Last modified: September 30, 2013

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