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We are all looking for the most ok replicas out there, for those knockoffs that look authentic, are very accurate and affordable. The problem is that the World Wide Web has too many stores that claim to offer the best quality there is. Ok-replica.me is one of them. If it is that reputable and offers such great fake watches- this is something that we need to find out by ourselves. Below I will turn this website upside-down and unveil all its secrets.

Swiss Made Replica Watches on Sale

Ok-replica.me has a very interesting and, frankly, appealing design. Its homepage managed to surprise me with a very modern look and almost perfect aesthetics. This rarely happens to me, especially when I am dealing with a replica watches website. The color scheme is black and gray. Everything looks professional and classy. There are two menu bars- one on the top and one on the left-, a sliding banner and numerous sponsored products in the bottom part of the page. There are also a couple of promotional banners in the right side of the screen, but these are well dosed.

The top side menu bar is very simple and it features buttons for “New Watches”, “Featured Watches”, “Special Watches” and “Contact Us”. Bellow it, there is a wide search bar. In the left there is a pretty long list with all the available brands, organized in Swiss and Japanese. The company carries an impressive selection of replica watches. There are numerous famous names here and every single one of them includes hundreds of different items. The good thing is that these are organized into sub-categories, but still it wouldn’t hurt to add an Advanced Search option to make browsing a lot easier.

The prices for the replica watches available on Ok-replica.me are quite decent. I honestly didn’t expect this. The fakes equipped with a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic movement cost about $100 to $200 and then there are the 25 jewels Swiss ETA self-winding movement knockoffs that cost about $200-$400. But again finding the watch that falls within your budget range can be a little bit complicated as the watches aren’t organized by price and there is no price filter available.

The company offers very good quality product pictures. These photos are as perfect as it gets. The products are photographed from every possible angle, the clarity is impressive and all of them were taken in the same studio. Everything about these images suggests professionalism and trust. When you see them you get a clear view of how these replicas look like and what to expect in the mail. It is clear that the merchant has invested a lot of time and effort into making these photos.

Ok-replica.me offers three options for delivery. The first one is Registered Mail which is completely free, but it is also very slow. It takes about 15-20 business days to receive the package. The second one is EMS which costs $13 and has an estimated delivery time of 7-14 business days. And the third one is Fedex/UPS/DHL which costs $35 and takes about 5-7 business days to deliver your order. I do not know about you, but when it comes to my replica watches purchases I always prefer to have the fastest delivery option no matter how tempting the free delivery may seem. I need to know as soon as possible whether or not I have made a good decision when ordering the products.

The available payment methods are very important when buying knockoffs online because these show how reliable and professional the merchant really is. The more and diversified the payment options are the more reasons you have to trust its business. For instance, this website offers the choice of paying by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. That’s pretty good for a replica watches store! Still, out of these many methods I would recommend credit card because this is probably the safest way of buying products over the web.

Ok-replica.me offers a 180 days free repairs warranty. This policy covers any manufacturing defects you may notice on you replica watch. If the watch shows only wear and tear marks or if it was damaged after using it under water then the repairs won’t be covered by the warranty. Also, the company offers a refund policy, but it does not say how many days you have to return the product. It only says that the customer is responsible for the return shipping fee and that a 25% restocking fee is applied.

Apparently, the store offers customer services. When I saw the chat button on their website I couldn’t resist clicking it. This is how I started chatting with Sally and decided to clarify my questions about the refund policy. Sally was nice enough to inform me that they have a 7 days refund policy which gives you the right to return the product only if it is defective or sent incorrectly. If you do not like it and wish to return it for a refund or exchange then you need to pay a $50 fee. The company can also be contacted by MSN, Skype or email.

Ok-replica.me seems from so many points of views like a good place for ordering replica watches. It has a very large collection, low prices, International delivery, nice product pictures, a diversified selection of payment methods, a return policy and friendly customer services. The only couple of things that I do not like about it is that its return policy is very costly.

Last modified: January 15, 2016

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  1. Carlos Arvelo says:

    Hi There, too many good things about this web site, but no for me. First, I decided to buy a Patek Philippe Calatrava supposedly Swiss ETA because the pictures were really nice, and also because they estate at the button of the page that…” you get exactly what you see on the pictures” which gave me so confidence so I took my credit card and pay $289 for the watch. Six days after the watch came, I was so exited opening the box when suddenly something went wrong. First the labels got letters in Chinese, second the watch has a funny noise, so when I opened it on the back because it has a cap, lid, door or whatever I noticed that the motion winder was loose, also It didn’t looked anything closed compare to the pictures shown. So I decided to get help from a chat window located on the right side. The answer was quick, but as soon we started to chat they were saying, if I can get the watch repaired locally and next time purchase they gonna give me a discount. Second, when we talked about what I got and pictures, they were kind of joking like they looked the same and stuff like that. So finally They say that I should return the watch for a replacement, but the watch has to be return in the same conditions I received it, with all the plastics sticks on it, well I took them all off just to check my replica was as good as on the pictures, if not I will be charge for restocking fee and some others fees, so I decided to keep the piece of crap watch and write about how disappointed, and what bad experience I had with those guys. Don’t recommend this site to anyone. Really crappy as most of the Chinese crap! *****NO SWISS ETA MOVEMENT *******

  2. Adrian says:

    I ordered a rolex replica. In fact 3 different ones. 2 of which were the supposed Swiss quality version. Indeed the quality was a notch higher as far as the replica is concerned but not the mechanics. One one of the watches, the spring malfunctioned after about 2.5 months of having it. I was wearing in almost daily. The representative, Sally tried to convince me to have it repaired locally. I tried a few places but most did not want to touch it because of the fear something else might fail and be held responsible. One guy did quote me a little more than $200. I had paid about $360 new. She then told me to send it back for repair. It’s been almost 2 months and they claim they have not received it. They keep giving me the run around from it takes time to get the watch from US to its Chinese new year and postal services are slower. I advise anyone to be cautious buying from them as if anything goes wrong with the watches, you are on your own.

  3. Omar says:

    I’ve ordered 6 watches from ok-replica so far. Always pleased with my watches. Took them into a Jewler each time to be sized and they never Knew it was a replica. One of my favorite is my gold wrapped(more gold than gold plated / never but gold plated) still looks brand knew and works perfectly after two years of wear. My oldest which is 5years still works perfectly also. Oy movements ive bought are 7750 in my Daytona. 2836 in my Date just. And 3135 movement in my gold wrapped date date II

  4. spikegifted says:

    I have had good and bad experience from Ok Replica. I bought an IWC Aquatimer Chronograph (Valjoux 7750) that started to malfunction after a couple of months. First Sally try to convince to have repair locally, but I informed her that no jeweller will touch such a piece. I try to have it returned but ‘it never arrived’. After such an experience, I probably should have stayed away, but the pieces on the site is just too appealing to walk away. I went back to get an IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition “The Little Prince”. It is working like a charm. Lovely piece – fantastic details and accuracy. After that i have gone back for two more pieces: a Patek Philippe Aquanaut Jumbo and a Rolex Submariner (no date). Both are beautifully (and accurately) crafted and running just fine.

  5. Rina Lezcano says:

    I purchased Rado was not well finished the coat and they don’t check or test before shipping.a Omega Seamaster that was defective clock move 1 to 2 hours to fast and date was lock.
    They know it was defective and didn’t want to give me credit or replacement even after offer to ship back. Instead there were trying to be smart ass and give you a 40% DISCOUNT. Please, they want a swiss Omega seamaster for $500. Just save your money the real one cost if you shop around with warranty $2000 at Jomashop.

  6. Dennis says:

    Hellomy experience with Ok-replica is not so good !
    I have ordered an Panerai GMT Luminor with the rubber strap !
    I have received my watch but after a few days the rubber strap had collapsed in three pieces!
    Teo days after that the protective of the watch winder also collapsed cause of a missing screw.
    I have tried several ( more than five) times to send a complaint mail and i have many times received from Sally Li an apologetic email reassuring me that they will replace the strap and the screw asap but there is now almost a year with not a single response from them !
    Have in mind that the last email i ‘ve send them was on July 2018 and it was my fifth gor this matter!
    So my advise is that there are many sites with good watches out there that respect there customers and Ok-replica IT IS NOT RELIABLE!

  7. jan beran says:

    Ordered Oris, payed and first text:”Hi Jan,
    Please reply us when you get this confirmation.
    Thanks very much for shopping from us. We have confirmed your payment for order 7793 is successful.
    It usually takes about 3 working days for us to prepare and test the watch to make sure you will get the perfect goods. Once it is ready, we will ship it out and then email you tracking number.” Strange, why I payed 35 extra $ for fast shipping? 3 days testing? And another text:”Dear,
    I am sorry to inform you that the watch you purchased is out of stock. This is our recommendation. This is a similar watch. Do you like it? Are you willing to change? please see Attachment.

    Sally Watch in picture looks USED. So since I asked for my money NO Emails… Boiler room criminal operation… STAY AWAY FROM THIS “SELLER” B.T.W. This “company” got at least 3 different names …

  8. jan beran says:


  9. Gaby says:

    Hi, why would you say these people are criminals? Did they ship you a watch that was not as advertised or did they ship you no watch at all just taking your money? Thanks, Gaby

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