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Today I was thinking about how great it would be to find another great supplier for good quality replica watches and with this idea in mind I’ve started surfing through the web. After a few quick searches I came across Ok-replica.biz. The name instantly caught my attention and it made me curious about how ok these knockoffs really are. What do you say, shall we find out together?

Quality Swiss Replica Watches with Swiss Movement

Its appearance isn’t that impressive or appealing. The design suggests a regular fake watches store that doesn’t care that much about aesthetics, but rather about the products it offers. The background is plain white; there is a very small banner about a 5% summer promotion, sponsored products on the center of the page and two menu bars on the top and left side of the screen. Everything about its design is kept to minimum.

Ok-replica.biz carries a very wide collection of fake timepieces. These are organized into Swiss and Japanese and can be accessed either by using the top menu bar or the left side one. The list is incredibly long, thus showing how keen the merchant is on providing a very diversified and inclusive selection of products. Furthermore, each brand category is divided into collections that have the same name as the original ones. This makes it very easy for us to browse the items and locate the style of watch that interests us.

The website offers very decent prices for its replica watches. For instance, the knockoffs equipped with an automatic Japanese movement cost about $150-$250 while the ones that come with an ETA automatic mechanism are priced at $300-$500. I find these prices very affordable for the level of quality that the company claims to offer.

I like the fact that Ok-replica.biz has invested a lot of attention into providing good quality pictures for all of its products. For each knockoff there are about a dozen high quality images that display every single small detail of these items- from the inside of the bracelet and clasp to the craftsmanship of the dial and buttons. Everything is clearly presented on the page of every replica watch it carries. Plus, the images have the email address watermarked on them so you can send a message with all of your questions.

Of course, nowadays almost all replica watches companies ship packages worldwide. This is no surprise to anyone. The really great thing about this site is that it offers free delivery with regular mail and the estimated shipping time is 10-20 working days. Of course, if you are in a hurry and would like to receive it sooner, then you can opt for Fast EMS Express for a $13 fee and a 7-14 working days delivery or for Fedex/UPS/DHL for a $35 fee and a 3-6 working days delivery.

You have probably noticed that most online replica stores accept only Visa and Mastercard payments, but no alternative payment methods. Ok-replica.biz is an exception. This website takes a very impressive and diversified range of payment options, such as Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. You name it. They are determined to do everything possible to ensure a smooth ordering process.

As any self-respecting e-shop, Ok-replica.biz offers a 14 days refund or exchange policy and a 180 days free repairs warranty. This is why, when you receive your order you must spend the first days inspecting the knockoff and seeing if the quality is good or not. If you notice any flaws then you should immediately contact the store to return it. But, please note that the return shipping fees are yours to pay and in case of a refund, the initial shipping charge won’t be reimbursed. Regarding the free repairs warranty, this is applicable only to manufacturing defects. Wear and tear defects, water damages or parts falling off are not covered by the warranty.

Obviously, good customer services are essential when you are buying replica watches online. I was very surprised to see that this store offers customer care by chat, MSN, Skype and email. As I did not see a phone number on the site, I started a chat conversation with one of their agents- Sally. She was very nice and friendly and she told me that they have a contact phone number and she gave me that number so I can call them. It was a phone number from China so I didn’t see the point in calling it as Sally had already answered all my questions.

I must say that Ok-replica.biz left me a pretty good impression. It really appears to be an ok place for buying replica watches online. It offers pretty good customer services, it delivers packages to any country in the world for free, the prices are affordable and the payment methods are pretty diverse. If it would improve the design of the site as to be more professional and elegant then it would surely convince every single person that enters the page that it is a great source of high quality imitation timepieces.

Last modified: August 27, 2015

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  1. adam farrell says:


    watch does keep time , it was not the watch i ordered and it was scratched and they will not give me my money back ! i have lost £100

  2. Attila says:

    I purchased one of these replicas from ok for $128. It arrived several days sooner than expected but it did not work (would not wind properly). Upon closer inspection I noticed a crew missing from the back cover and the cover itself was not in place or tightened down, there was a gap between the cover and the case. The movement itself was very loose and could be heard moving around in the case. I immediately contacted ok reps and was told that the watches are worth repairing or sending back as the shipping back and forth would cost more than the watch was worth. They suggested I keep the non working watch and buy another for 10% off which I obviously refused. They then offered to refund $30, I paid $128 so that wasn’t acceptable either so they offered to sell me another one for $100 if I would keep the non working watch, again I refused as $228 for a $128 watch is just plain stupid. They insisted that I return the watch for repair at my own expense but everyone knows they would never see it again or here from the seller. As it stands I have been told the watch is worthless, they will not give me a refund or replace the watch as they would suffer a loss. I am out $128 dollars and the only way to get anything back is to buy another watch for a few dollars off which may or may not work. There is no quality control, no one even looks at the watches bother sending them or they surely would have seen the back not secured and the watch wouldn’t wind. They also do not give refunds or replace defective watches. If you want to get ripped off this is the place to shop!

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