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The replica watches industry is all about reflecting perfect images of luxury designer timepieces, but as we very well know: sometimes, mirrors can be extremely deceiving. It is easy to twist the reality and especially on the online environment. Precisely because of this we must stay focused on finding and selecting only the most trustworthy sources for beautiful replica watches. Is one of them? Continue reading to find out!


The menu bar is positioned at the top of the page and it is as simple as it gets. There are only five watch brands included. Probably the most popular ones have been selected and included in the main menu as after you click on one of these categories, you are directed to a new page where a longer list with watch brands is shown on the left side of the screen. This one has considerably more product categories and as this wasn’t enough, at the end of it there is a button saying “All Products…”.

After searching through these many fake watches, I concluded that the majority of the collection is Japanese made. All the prices are in GBP and after viewing almost all the products I managed to notice that most replica watches are priced at about 80 GBP, some are 150 GBP and just a couple are 200-300GBP. I don’t know why the price variation for the less expensive fakes(80-150 GBP) because for both price types, the description showed the same type of movement and materials. Possibly, just the design itself makes the price difference. The more expensive 200-300GBP replica watches are equipped with a 7750 chronograph automatic movement. Still, all the fake timepieces available here, at, are very affordable.

The description page is very well written and emphasizes the functionality of these watches and the authenticity markings. Of course, all the important information about the size, materials and craftsmanship are mentioned as well. ships packages worldwide and the delivery is free for all orders. It mainly uses EMS to dispatch the packages, but for countries where other shipping carriers are recommended, it can also use DHL, FEDEX or TNT. The replica merchant needs about 1-2 working days to have your package ready for shipping and once it is sent out, the actual delivery takes about 5-7 business days from European countries while the delivery to most countries from South America takes about 10 days. That’s really a good estimated delivery time, especially if we consider the fact that there are no shipping costs involved.

If you are not happy with the replica watch you have received from this fake watches website then you will be glad to know that there is a 14 days refund and exchange policy. So do not waste time and contact the company at once! They will provide you with all the details for sending the watch back, but be careful as it will be at your own cost. Also, once the returned replica watch is received the refund will be issued, but a $20-$40 shipping and handling fee will be deducted from this amount. In case of an exchange, you will be charged $10-$20 to ship out the replacement.


Just by the looks of it, seems to be below your average online replica store. With a whitish homepage, a big “ColeHaan” title written on the top, bulky text and many blue highlighted links, this fake watches website has a highly unaesthetic appearance that does not inspire any professionalism. I honestly do not understand how web based replica companies expect to earn our trust when they aren’t even able to come up with a decent design for themselves.

Browsing through the items isn’t either smooth or pleasant. Even though the website has very nice and organized collections, after you access one of them you discover hundreds of models that need to be browsed one by one. The online store does not have any function that allows you to sort the replica watches and this makes it incredibly time consuming to search through the website or possibly even place an order.

The accepted payment method for this online replica merchant is a total disappointment. In the order form the webpage clearly says that it accepts Visa and Mastercard payments- with logos and everything- but after you click on the Check Out button you are directed to the payment processing page where only Visa card payments are available. Just imagine that you have only a Mastercard and you go through all the hassle of searching and selecting a watch, and only after you fill in all your personal shipping information you discover that it was all for nothing as you do not have the only type of card they are able to process.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: At first glance, the pictures seem to be pretty ok. Each replica watch has about 5 very clear and detailed photos, showcasing the products from every possible angle. Basically, these appear to be very professional and illustrative images. And I say “appear” because upon a closer look we discover the watermark of a different company placed on all product pictures, and this company is “”.

Customer service: This replica website claims to provide 24/7 customer service, still it only has the option of contacting their customer support team through a Contact Form included on their webpage. It does not supply a contact phone number or a live chat service. I find this as a proof for the lack of consideration they have for the satisfaction of their customers. I always say that through Customer Care you have the only real contact with a company before ordering and it also represents the best way of testing how trustworthy and reliable the merchant really is.

Summary: or ColeHaan or is an online fake watches website with many faces, but none of them inspires any confidence. This merchant isn’t honest about the limitations of its payment processing policy, it has a very unfair refund and exchange policy, it doesn’t use its own product photos and it does not supply a reliable customer service. It is certainly not a professional online replica store as it does not care about supplying customer orientated services; it only cares about making a fast profit.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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