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Admit it. You are addicted to these traditional fashion accessories. When you see a Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer piece your heart skips a beat. There is no harm in that. There are millions of people just like you all around the world. Actually, the only harm in this obsession is that these designer watches cost a fortune and most of us would probably never afford buying one. I guess that by saying this the solution comes naturally and it has a simple name too: replicas. The online market is full of flawlessly cloned timepieces that come at a decent price. The real trick is identifying these exact replicas out of the sea of other poorly imitated watches. Below I will show you how this is done so stay tuned.

Mowatches store first page is a replica watches online store, one of the many that try to convince us that its quality is the best around, its prices are the lowest and the services are tough to match. If you buy this without investigating it further then you are just too gullible for Internet shopping. The first clue you get for understanding what type of business it runs is the design of its homepage which, let’s face it, isn’t that great. My honest opinion is that it uses one of the cheapest e-shops templates. The basic color scheme is white and gray with a couple of red accents. The colorful banners offer a more interesting visual perspective, but somehow they tend to be just too much for what our eyes can bear. As an overall impression, the homepage is tacky and poor quality, looking like an inferior and unprofessional online store.

On top of the screen there is a simple menu bar with buttons for a few sponsored pages like Discount Watches, New Arrival and Contact Us. In the left side of the screen there are all the available brands and these are not few. The company sells an impressive number of brands. The most important designer names are mentioned here. From Rolex to U-Boat, here you will find pretty much everything you have always wanted in terms of luxury timepieces. Nevertheless, Rolex seems to be the largest collection available as it includes hundreds of models organized into sub-categories. Actually, all the brands are divided into collections; which makes browsing easier. Of course, there is no Advanced Search filter embedded into the page so you can retrieve just the watches that meet your desired criteria so you just have to browse the collections page by page until you find your perfect replica.

The prices for these fake watches are very acceptable no matter what your budget may be. The Japanese replica watches cost about $120-$280 and this is considered to the average price asked by replica merchants for their timepieces. Of course, the Swiss fake timepieces are pricier. These are usually about $300-$450. The higher price of the Swiss knockoffs is due to the fact that the automatic movement is more precise and the exterior is more durable and identical looking.

I was very impressed by the photos included by for its replica watches. By all means, these pictures seem to be taken in their own studio and by an actual professional photographer. The products are presented in detail from all possible angles so we can see the important things like the dial, the bezel, buttons, bracelet and caseback. Plus, the images are watermarked with the company’s name, logo and website address. This suggests a particular care and attention for their photos which are the first thing a potential customer checks out to determine if the products are what he is looking to buy.

If you are curious to find out what is the quality of these replica watches then let me tell you a bit more about my little experiment. I took a picture of an Omega Seamaster Diver 300M replica from the website and compared it with the photo of the original watch. The result was that these watches are incredibly similar. The design of the knockoff is just the same as the one of the fake timepiece. The dial, the shape and size of the hour markers, the hands, bezel, case and bracelet look just the same. This suggests that the merchant has very authentic looking replica watches.



Genuine Omega

Genuine Omega

The accepted payment options are very important when it comes to ordering replica watches over the Internet. The more payment methods a website offers the more trustworthy and reliable its business is. This means that you should be looking to buy your fake timepieces from an e-shop that has many diversified payment types. This merchant does not take that many payment options, but at least it isn’t the kind of company that accepts only credit cards. Besides Visa, Mastercard and JCB it is also able to take Western Union transfers. Either way, the choice is yours, but keep in mind the fact that the Internet page where you enter your card details isn’t secured so the info that you input isn’t protected against third parties that may try to steal your data fraudulently.

There are three ways of delivering your order and these are all displayed on the page after you check out of the shopping cart. dispatches its packages with DHL, EMS and Air Mail. The first shipping option is also the most expensive one. It costs $10 to send an order to USA and the estimated delivery time is 3-5 business days. The second option (EMS) costs $9 and the package basically arrives in about 7-10 business days. The third option is also the slowest one. It is free to deliver the order with Air Mail, but it takes about 20 business days for it to arrive. Basically, it is up to you which one of these shipping choices you prefer, but from my point of view $10 isn’t that much for DHL delivery and it also offers you the possibility of getting you replica watch sooner and seeing if it was all worth it.

It seems that this online store offers a 7 days refund policy. This entitles you to return the replica watch back in case you do not like it so once you receive the order the first thing you need to do is to check the product very carefully and determine if it is what you want or not. If it isn’t then be prepared to spend some additional money as well because the shipping back fee must be paid by you and there is a 5% fee applied for all returns. The same thing goes for sending the knockoff back for an exchange.

On the website I noticed the Live chat so I decided to try it. I was surprised to see that Anny answered in less than a minute asking politely what can she do for me. She was very professional and answered all of my questions quickly. This really made me reconsider the company’s reputability. Only companies that are serious about their customers take the time and effort to offer Live chat. Besides the Live chat, this site offers customer service by Skype an email. is a website full of contrasts. You have numerous positive things like the professional product pictures, the affordable prices and the 7 days return policy, but you also have negative aspects like the fact that it doesn’t say a thing about its repairs warranty and the unsecure payment page. But the thing is that, in the end, it is one of the most decent looking replica watches sites I have seen lately.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. Emma Smith says:

    Excellent customer service, before, during and after purchase.
    Quality of watches (I have 2) looks as if they were snatched from the Designer stores-amazing.

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