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The main reason why we all love complicated timepieces is because of the luxury granted to those wearing them. We all dream of enjoying the luxury of a beautiful watch and we will always be on the lookout for the next best source of high quality replica watches.


When you open you find an exceptionally looking website. The page surprises you with a classy design, elegant details and sleek banners. This is what I like to call the „all black” part of its home page. If you scroll down you unveil a brighter part of the e-shop. The store manages to perfectly balance elegance with functionality- on the top there is a minimum of buttons and functions, whereas on the lower side we notice a stuffiness that invites you to start shopping at once.

The top menu bar is reserved for only four brands: Rolex, Breitling, Omega and Audemars Piguet, all watches available only with a Swiss manufactured mechanism. While on the left side menu you find over a dozen watch brands, also exclusively equipped with a Swiss mechanism. The merchant provides all major company names with an impressive history in the watchmaking industry. If you were looking for a particular time piece for a while then there is a pretty big chance you will find it here.

These replicas are pretty pricy, but you must consider the fact that all of them are Swiss made and equipped with an ETA movement. Swiss watches are the best quality available on the replica market, the closest version of the original watch and in almost all cases it is worth paying the extra hundred dollars for acquiring a Swiss knock-off. It will look, feel and work just like the real watch. sells these high quality replicas for $350 up to $900, depending on the model and its functions.

To my surprise, the brands are nicely organized into sub-categories bearing the names of the original collections. Additionally, for improving the usability of the website there is a very simple filter which allows you to sort the items by price or by name. The product description page is quite clean and tidy. It presents technical data about the watches, written in correct English and neatly constructed. Even a watch illiterate person would be able to fully understand the details and particularities of each product, and conclude if it worth buying.


Potential customers are advised that the merchant provides only a one month warranty. Also, if from the first moment you receive it you are not happy with your purchase then you need to immediately contact customer service and return the products within three days from the delivery. For quality problems, pictures will be needed for processing the complaint. And most important, the shipping charges for returning the items are the customer’s responsibility. Ouch! The whole policy is overly discouraging. We are talking about Swiss made replicas priced and $350 up to $900, and the company only provides a one month warranty? For a Swiss watch? No, that can’t be right! accepts Visa, Mastercard and Western Union payments. I have noticed that the Western Union receiver is from China so logically if the customer needs to send the money to China then this means the company is also based in China. Now, the question is: are these watches really Swiss made or are these just some other overpriced cheap Asian replicas?

The company ships packages worldwide with EMS and DHL. The delivery fee is $25-$30 per item which seems quite expensive. A tracking number is provided for the package and the delivery time to North America and Europe is approximately 5-7 working days via EMS, while to other countries it may take up to 12 business days or more.

Pictures: The pictures are pretty good, but the downside is their small size. However, the clarity of the image is very high and you can see all the important details of the watch. The attention to details goes as far as taking pictures of the watch in the dark to show the glow  of the luminescent hour markers and hands, and to photograph the back of the replica without its cover so you can see the complexity of the inside mechanism. I am pretty sure these pictures are property of as the watermark with the website name is stamped repeatedly on the photos making it impossible for someone else to use the images on another site.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service:  The company can be contacted only by Contact Form and by email at These are the only available ways of reaching the customer care department, and honestly I am very disappointed of the lack of attention it offers to this very important aspect of its business. The email address doesn’t represent any security or assurance that we are dealing with a reputable company. On the contrary, it makes us wonder how little we know about this merchant and what a bad choice it could be.

Summary: has all the qualities of a sophisticated and respectable online merchant: an elegantly designed website, detailed product pictures, superior quality Swiss watches and prices that reinforce its image of an exclusive store. But when you put all this in balance with its weaknesses, you find out that its weaknesses weight more: poor customer service, a non-existing warranty, expensive shipping and unreliable payment methods.

Last modified: September 30, 2013

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