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If you are reading this then you are probably one of those people who love Swiss watches and everything associated with luxury and beauty. Out of the numerous timepieces out there, Swiss watches are the most amazing and precious designs available on the watches industry. invites us to feast our eyes and passion with some of the most popular and exquisite Swiss models ever made. The question is- does this company offer everything it promises? Are these replicas of good quality, does the store offer good services and are its policies fair enough?

swiss fake watches store

This online store has a pretty simple and friendly designed website. When you access the homepage you are welcomed by a nice design with a red and white color combo, a discrete top menu bar, a small sliding banner with elegant pictures and a couple of sponsored products. As the top menu bar has only 5 brands included, in the left side of the page there is a long list with all the available brands. The company seems to offer a very large and diversified collection of very famous designer names and each category includes countless different models. To make browsing really easy, divides all brands into sub-categories so that we can quickly locate the models we want to purchase.

Even though the site is called, it doesn’t sell only Swiss made replica watches. The company also carries Japanese fake timepieces that are powered by a 21 jewels Japanese Miyota automatic mechanism. As the website is dedicated to UK customers, all prices are displayed in GBP. The knockoffs equipped with a 25 jewels ETA automatic self-winding movement cost about 250 GBP to 400 GBP. On the other hand, the Japanese mechanism ones are priced at 100-160 GBP. The prices are pretty ok and in concordance with what most replica watches companies ask for their products.

The thing that makes me feel very confident about the quality offered by this fake timepieces company is the quality and accuracy of the product pictures. provides some of the clearest and most beautiful photos I have seen in a very long time. For each replica watch there are numerous large images that show the knockoffs from every possible angle and the focus is on revealing all the important authenticity markings.

When you decide to order a replica watch from you have the option of paying with Visa, Mastercard, JCB or Western Union. The website states that if you choose to send the money by Western Union transfer then you get an additional 10% discount. I have to admit that this discount feels pretty tempting, but when it comes to the security of my online purchases, I always prefer to stay safe and pay with my Visa. Banks always watch out for the security of their customers’ online transaction so naturally credit card is most likely the safest choice around.

The company is able to deliver orders all across the globe and the best part about its shipping policy is that the delivery is completely free, regardless of the order total, number of purchased items or the weight of the package. It uses EMS, DHL or TNT for dispatching the packages and the usual delivery time is about 7-17 business days. Of course, all the shipments have a tracking number available. This way, you know at any given time where your package is and when to expect the delivery.

I was very disappointed to see that doesn’t say a thing about its return or warranty policy. I have browsed the entire website trying to find a word about a very important part of the after sales services provided by a company to its customers- the return policy-, but nowhere on this website have I found a single sentence of what happens after you receive the order and you discover that you aren’t happy with it. Not stating all the important details and conditions of your refund, exchange or warranty policy means that you are not serious about customer satisfaction or about having a transparent and reliable business. I don’t trusts companies that do not present all the facts publicly on the site and I wouldn’t advise you to order from this place until you confirm everything with its customer service agents.

Speaking about customer service, I have accessed this website numerous times, but every time I did this I saw that the chat button said “offline”. I was really unhappy with this as it made me think that the chat service is just for show. I have also wanted to call the agents and speak about their return policy, but no contact phone number is available. The only way of contacting the store is by email. This is a very bad thing as when you order replicas online you need to be able to immediately contact the company if something goes wrong. With this isn’t possible.

Obviously, we, watch fans are fascinated by any website that has a very large and exquisite selection of famous brands replica watches. When we find such a store that also provides very decent prices and free delivery we are tempted to order right away. The problem is that we also need to consider other important parts of this transaction, such as what happens after we order the fake timepiece. Is the customer service easy to reach so we can contact the company after we get the order? What is its return policy? And will we receive what we see in the pictures? offers good prices, a wide range of payment options and good product pictures, but it does not have an easy to reach customer service and it does not mention anything about its return policy.

Last modified: September 24, 2015

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