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Are you looking to order one of the most beautiful, affordable and good quality replicas on the market? Say no more! Kuvarsit.me, an international replica watches online site promises to fulfill all your dreams and deliver the perfect imitation timepieces.


On the top side of the page we find links for the “New Arrivals” and “Featured Watches” while in the left there is an incredibly long list of available watch brands. By the looks of it, this supplier has a very wide selection of designer brands and it is prepared to satisfy even the most demanding or exotic tastes in watches. The categories are less impressive. These do not include a very large number of designs. Each brand is divided into subcategories that are very thoroughly organized and these list only best sellers and not the less popular, but also beautiful models. Because of the very limited number of replica watch models, not having an advanced search option or a filter isn’t an actual problem.

Kuvarsit Replica

Kuvarsit.me has replica watches for any budget, starting with the affordable Japanese imitations priced at $120-$150 and continuing with the more pricy Swiss fakes that cost between $250 and $500. As long as you know what grade and price tag you are looking for, you will surely find something right for you here.

If you want to buy a replica watch from Kuvarsit.me then the payment methods you have handy are: Credit Card, Western Union, Bank Wire and Money Gram. Are you curious to find out what are the accepted credit card types? In the order form, under supported credit card payments it shows Visa, Mastercard, JCB and American Express. I did try to submit an Amex, but, to my surprise, the website did not want to take this type of card. It said unavailable card option every time I entered it.

The company offers three choices for delivering your package. You can choose to receive your package by regular mail which takes about 14-20 working days and it is completely free, EMS which takes about 7-14 working days and costs $13 and FEDEX/UPS/DHL which takes about 3-5 working days and costs $35. Depending on how much time you are prepared to wait until receiving the order, you can choose one of the above options. Please note that all of them have a tracking number that will be emailed to you after the order is shipped.

It is good to know that Kuvarsit.me provides a 180 days repairs warranty. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and if your replica watch cannot be repaired then it will be replaced. The warranty will be revoked if you first try to repair it by yourself. If you need to send the product back and ask for a refund or exchange then you must do so within 14 days from the delivery. The replica must be in its original condition, the shipping fees must be paid by the customer, and the refund amount will be just the price of the watch (the initial shipping fee will not be reimbursed).


Kuvarsit.me is a simple looking online replica store that uses a safe black background; many watch banners and a simplistic layout. Honestly, its appearance isn’t at all that impressive. The top and left side menu bars aren’t very noticeable or inviting. From my point of view, this replica website doesn’t look at all very professional.

The description of these replicas is sloppy and very schematic. Indeed it mentions all the important particularities of these knockoffs, but these are not very suggestive and for someone who does not know that much about replicas, it may fail to inform about the most important aspects of these watches.

Domain registered: CHINA

Pictures: The product pictures show the huge lack of professionalism this company has. These do not look at all like presentation photos meant for a catalog of replica watches. In some of the images you can see someone’s hand while holding the products, messy leather surfaces, while other images have a brown velvet background. The ones from the first category have many additional pictures that show the products from all possible sides. These pictures are quite clear and detailed. The ones from the second category are used just as the main image for some replicas that do not have additional photos. I find this big discrepancy as a clear sign of the company’s disinterest towards the quality of its products and services. I honestly doubt that the merchant cares that much about its customers’ satisfaction.

Customer service: I really cannot say that I am surprised about the fact that this merchant does not have a responsive and reliable customer service. What it really provides is the appearance of a customer care department: one that is supposed to have chat and email support. Instead of this, the live chat does not work as the service has never been set up by the website’s administrator and the email is actually a very doubtful Gmail account. There is no word on the website about having any contact phone number. In no way, I would ever recommend you to shop for a replica watch online unless you are able to establish an actual conversation with the company’s customer service.

Summary: There are replica watch companies that manage to convince you of the quality of their products, of the diversity of their collection, advantageous prices, speedy delivery and fair warranty, but fail at proving their liability and professionalism. Things like providing a responsive and friendly customer service, coherent payment policies and risk free return policy are highly important. These show how liable a company really is and how safe your replica purchase will turn out to be. Take a moment to consider all the above Pros and Cons before you order. It may very well make the difference between a satisfactory purchase and a disastrous one.

Last modified: November 20, 2017

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  1. M Barhoma says:

    Its FAKE no support no commitment to the word i order with them with 7-14 shipment method and after 26 days they ask me to wait another 3 MONTHS !! and when i ask to cancel the order they threaten me they will block my account and start to haggling to cut around 50% off to get my money.
    there is no manager no owner its only one unsupported person its FAKE

  2. P McTiernan says:

    Avoid at all costs, scammer. Will not send watch or refund once you make the mistake of paying for something.

  3. Thomas M says:

    Don’t even bother. 1 man scam. Using the name of a “famous” replica website as a trap..

  4. Gerry says:

    I did buy a replica vintage rolex from kuvarsit.me. I paid through paypal. I asked all the right questions and got all the right answers. When I got the item it was the worst replica. I paid $313.00, which included an ETA 2824-2 upgrade. The replica was like a joke $30 watch at best.

    Then when I complained to a Mehmet Fodul – me mocked me for being so stupid. I complained to paypal and arranged to have the item sent back. But when I sent it back, he did not collect the item from the post office and I am $313 out of pocket

    Mehmet Fodul is a nasty Turkish conman

  5. BRIAN says:


  6. andrew says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 24, 2015 at 5:30 pm
    kuvarsit.me 100% Scam and shit site

    Finally i found real kuvarsit Mehmet website thanks Amanda

  7. jim says:

    I think the company may have gotten their act together since this was written about 4 years ago. The site now has very professional looking pictures. I received my Omega watch from them in a timely manner with DHL tracking all the way. No issues.

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