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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you say „replica watches”? Probably, you think about an authentic looking timepiece that is incredibly affordable and durable. But is this really possible? Can you get a great quality fake watch at a low price? From my experience you can, but for this you need to research the online market and know how to identify the trustworthy merchants. Below I will show you how to do this.

Replica watches online sales is a replica watches online store that came up with a clever name for attracting its clients and afterwards it designed a friendly and easy to use website. This inspired mix is perfect for getting the attention of every watch passionate person. I, for one, am very interested in finding out more about its products and services.

The website is a very nice mix of hypnotic checkered background, ample white sections, a simple menu bar, wide overwhelming banners and numerous buttons. I got to admit the fact that it is pretty crowned, but somehow it looks very good and seems to be intuitive. There are two consecutive menus at the top of the page. There is a slimmer one with “New Products”, “Special Products” and “Featured Products” and there is a thicker and more visible green menu bar with “Men’s Watches”, “Ladies’ Watches” and an “All Categories” button that reveals about a dozen different brands and their sub-categories. offers a very large collection of replica watches with some of the most popular brands in the world. Each category lists very beautiful and diversified models, which have been very carefully divided into sub-collections. Thanks to this thorough organization, it is really simple and quick to find the model you want to purchase. There is really no need for an advanced search option.

The company sells both Swiss and Japanese replica watches. While the Japanese fake timepiece represent the most affordable option, the Swiss models are without a doubt the most accurate and durable one. Indeed, the price difference is significant. The Japanese watches cost about $100 to $200 whereas the Swiss knockoffs cost $200-$300.

I like the fact that has very beautiful and clear professional pictures for all its replica watches. Every single knockoff includes over 10 high quality images that depict the product from all sides, focusing on some of the most important design details and authenticity markings. You can really tell that these photos were taken in the company’s own studio and that they represent its own merchandise. It really offers you the certainty that what you see is what you will receive.

This merchant is able to ship packages to basically any country in the world and it offers several options for this. The first one and also the most attractive one is the free delivery. If you opt for Hong Kong post then the store will ship your order free of charge in an estimated delivery time of 15-20 working days. Then there is EMS for a $12 shipping fee and a 7-10 business days shipping time, DHL for $30 and a 3-5 business days delivery time, and FEDEX for $35 and 3-5 business days for delivery.

Surprisingly, offers a very wide and diversified range of payment methods. The company can process payments by Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Western Union and Bank Wire. I think that seeing that a merchant is so concerned with offering personalized and customer orientated solutions to its clients makes you trust it even more. This being said, my personal opinion is that card payments are more recommended for online orders.

On the returns page it says that guarantees your satisfaction only with a 180 days free repairs warranty. It does not say anything about a refund policy. It just lists some conditions for sending back the watch for repairs and it mentions that if a replacement or exchange is requested then a $30 fee will be charged. Also, the return page is full of error messages. It looks like they copy-pasted the text in HTML format. I think that not taking care of the finer details like this one shows a little indifference towards its customer’s needs.

Believe it or not, this company actually has a phone number listed on its website. Besides the phone number which appears to be from China, it also has a chat button. Even though each time I have accessed the website, the button said “offline”, it does manage to create a very trustworthy impression. The only thing that doesn’t look good is the email address which seems to be a very unreliable Gmail account. My advice to you is to test their customer services before you order. Simply call the number listed on the site, send an email or try the chat button. See how professional and friendly their agents really are.

From so many points of view, appears to be a decent and reputable replica watches Internet site. The merchant offers low prices, great product photos, an ample selection of popular timepieces, numerous payment options and free worldwide delivery. The only things that do not correspond to its professional image are the return page that is full of errors and unfair conditions, and the unreliable Gmail account.

Last modified: November 6, 2015

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