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Jieswatches.com is a website that sounds Chinese and definitely looks Chinese. This being said, we need to know if behind its low prices there is a merchant that is trustworthy or not. Can we trust its products and its aftersales services, and more important can we trust that we will get our order after paying for it?


The list of available brands is endless. You just scroll and scroll and it seems like you will never get to the end of it. Each brand name includes an impressive number of replicas. For example, Rolex has over 5000 designs, Omega, Breitling and Cartier over 1000 items. The downside is that there is no advanced search option and you might spend ages before finding the watch you are looking for. Still, when you see the low prices you may be convinced that it is worth it. You can buy your very own Rolex at $70. Of course, there are others that cost more, but $108 seems to be the upper limit for the Japanese models. Swiss watches cost about $300.

The product description page is better than expected. It has a very cute “hearts” rating system and the option of writing your very own review for the replica. The product specifications list everything: the weight, the color, the size, the materials, the movement and functions. The English is awful, but at least it provides everything you need to know so you can clearly understand what you are buying.

The packages are shipped worldwide with air mail for free, but it takes about 15-40 business days to get it. That’s a lot. Shipping with EMS is also available. It takes 7-14 business days and it costs $20. If you wish to receive it sooner, you can choose DHL for $35. A tracking number will be provided for all packages. The shipping options are pretty fair and divers. It allows you to choose the one that suits you best. Maybe you are looking for free shipping and don’t care about waiting for a very long time. Or maybe you want to expedite the delivery and you are prepared to pay extra for it. Either way, you have a choice.


Jieswatches.com is a pretty rudimentary looking website. It has a very out of date design. The nice banner images make it look acceptable, but the rest is plain awful. There is nothing out of the ordinary on the whole homepage. There are menus on all sides of the page, but besides that it is very basic. No interactive features, no personal touch such as reviews or customer’s comments. Nothing. The first impression is that this is a Chinese website hoping to get a break among international customers craving for low priced replicas.

The accepted payment methods are: Credit Card. Don’t ask me what this mean because I don’t have a clue. I searched the whole website and no mention of the card companies it accepts. After Checkout it shows the payment information section where you are supposed to enter your card details, but it doesn’t say Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Maestro, Diners Club or any other. Nothing. Obviously, it can’t take all of them so something is terribly wrong here. Especially, if you consider the statement from the bottom of the page: “All Customers Will Get 60% Discount Plus Extra 5% Off Prices With Coupon Code”. No one offers 60% plus extra 5% off to all its replica watches. In my opinion, this company may very well be a scam.

Jieswatches.com offers a 15 days return and refund policy. Within the first 15 days you need to contact the sales department to submit your complaint and to get a return authorization. The shipping back expenses need to be paid by the customer. Also, the company will not refund 15% of the order because it will be considered a shipping and handling fee. Still, it doesn’t say if you benefit from a warranty covering manufacturer’s defects. I mean, if your watch breaks after the first 15 days, what happens with it? Will they repair it? Or do you just have to accept the loss and live with it?

Pictures: The merchant lists many detailed photos for all his replicas. The problem with these photos is that the quality is not so good. The images are quite small and you can not enlarge them. This is such a shame as the pictures are very good and show numerous details and angles of these knock-offs. If when you look at the photos you can only see a nice watch, but not its particularities then it all seems pointless. The photos have the watermark watchjust.com so I am not very sure that these pictures belong to the company. These may very well be copied from a different source.

Domain registered: CHINA

Customer service: The customer service this company offers is bogus. I am pretty positive about this as when you click on the “live chat” button it takes you to the contact page where you can only send a message through the contact form or use their Gmail address to send your inquiries. A phone number is not available and even if one would be listed I am convinced that it would be fony to.

Summary: Jieswatches.com is an online company that doesn’t inspire to much trust to its customers because it looks unprofessional, its accepted payment options seem designed to trick people into putting their details online without any security, their policies are incoherent and their customer service is nonexistent.  I do not recommend that you order from this company as it seems to be a very unreliable website, very possible a scam store.

Last modified: May 12, 2013

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