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IWC Pilot Silver Dial IW324005 Replica

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IWC is one of the high end watch companies that know how to mix luxury with sportiness. Even though it is a model from the sports watches segment it emphasizes the same class and distinction as a dressy watch. Its core design is very dynamic, sporty and provocative. With a modern and outgoing look, the IWC is the quintessential pilot watch with a chronograph. With a well-balanced design, superior choice of materials and improved functionality, the IWC is the perfect Swiss timepiece.

authentic IWC Pilot watch with grey dial

Authentic IWC Pilot IW324005

IWC started out as a pilot watches manufacturer based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland near the German border. The company produced its iconic aviator watches during both world wars. But only in the 1980s, when the watch industry suffered major changes, it found the courage to go from making just good watches to producing luxury watches. Currently, the brand maximizes its historical legacy as much as possible setting itself apart from the other similar companies on the market.

Fake IWC watch dial close up

Like most famous luxury watches brands nowadays, IWC basis its success and legacy on refinement and not so much on novelty. Devoted fans and watch connoisseurs appreciate the classic design and features of an iconic timepiece and don’t want to see any major changes. They like slight improvements over time, but nothing major that could cause any significant changes in the identity of the watch. I am one of those who adore the look of the IWC pilot watch.

It is a very distinctive timepiece that has the ability of making such a powerful style statement when worn on the wrist. It says that you are a fashionable and refined man who appreciates the finer things in life.

IWC Imitation watch case

Recently, I have purchased an IWC replica and I have been wearing and testing it for a while now so I am ready to share with you my thoughts on this knockoff. Below I will include all the pros and cons I noticed on the watch.

Replica IWC Watch Back Cover

The Case

The case of the IWC Pilot is an example of perfect equilibrium. It is designed as a mix of gentle, supple curves and bold, masculine details. Everything about it suggests a blend of two worlds- luxury meets sportiness. The 36 mm and 10.5 mm thick case is manufactured from full solid stainless steel which is extremely sturdy and resistant. Even though it is a pilot watch, this IWC model is suitable for diving as well. Due to IWC’s patented waterproofed system it can withstand depths of 60 meters. To perfectly enclose this beautiful case the timepiece comes with a screw in crown and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal outlined by a smoothed fixed stainless steel bezel. Similarly, my IWC replica watch has a 36 mm case made from solid stainless steel, has the same sapphire crystal, screw in crown and fixed steel bezel. The only thing that is different is the waterproofness. Unfortunately, my replica is not recommended for diving or swimming. But besides from that, the case looks and feels genuine.

Grey Dial IWC Watch Replica

The Dial

The dial of this IWC Pilot watch is stunningly refined. I absolutely love its brushed silver surface with contrasting orange hour markers, indexes and hands. And to enhance extra legibility, the 12 o’clock marker and the hour and minutes hands are filled in with luminescent glow in the dark coating. And the last detail that completes the functionality of this watch is the discreet date window located at 3 o’clock. By being small sized and not having a magnifying lens it makes the watch look even more elegant. When I put my replica next to the original watch I can spot a few differences that bother me quite badly. The first of them is the fact that my knockoff does not have the luminescent coating on the 12 o’clock marker and on the minutes and hours hands. Instead, it has orange coating to match the rest of the markings and hands. Then, the 12 o’clock triangle should be below the minutes markers, yet on my imitation IWC this triangle is in between the minutes markers. Also, the minutes markers and the writing on the replica dial are black instead of orange which is incorrect. So there are quite a lot of errors on the dial of this replica, ruining the overall pleasant look of the watch.

The Movement

The IWC Pilot is one of the greatest watches designed by the brand so naturally it comes with a very innovative and reliable mechanism. The model is equipped with a 35111 Calibre automatic, self-winding movement that operates at a 28800.0 vph (4.0 hz) frequency, has 25 jewels and a 42 hours power reserve. The particularity of this watch is the soft-iron inner case that ensures protection against magnetic fields. This superior automatic mechanism also offers a date display and central hacking seconds. It is a very functional and practical movement that allows its wearer to enjoy the best a modern aviator watch can offer. I have to be realistic and say that even though my replica IWC is a very good quality watch, it still can’t compare to the genuine one from this point of view. My knockoff has a very good and precise movement, but it is a mere Japanese automatic mechanism and not the superior Swiss 35111 Calibre that is used on the real IWC. I am very happy with the way my watch works and considering the price I paid for it, it serves its purpose splendidly.

fake IWC Watch Sapphire Crystal

The Bracelet

My IWC replica aviator comes with a full solid stainless steel bracelet that has the distinctive IWC five links designs. There are 5 separate rows of interlaced small links that connect one to each other in a perfect symmetry emphasizing a beautiful elegance on the wrist. Three of these rows are created by using square links and two rows have longer rectangular links. They complement each other very nicely. The overall look is the one of a very classy and practical bracelet. Even the clasp is a hidden clasp. On the outside it looks just like the rest of band. I like this type of bracelet type band. It is very comfortable and elegant on the wrist. And for a replica it looks and feels very authentic too.

I adore the look of the IWC pilot watch. It is that kind of timeless watch that looks effortlessly cool with any attire and in any setting. The IWC is the perfect watch for impressing your friends or colleagues at the office or at parties. It knows how to steal the show with a sporty and modern design without compromising functionality. My replica IWC pilot is a very nice looking watch and it also keeps very accurate time, but I was very disappointed to see that it has numerous differences on the dial. Differences which are very easy to spot and for a connoisseur it will be obvious that this is a fake and not the authentic watch.

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