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When you are into replica watches you need to have a reputable source of fake timepieces that is able to supply you with superior quality imitation watches. does provide an impressive collection of clone timepieces at a very low cost, but is it really that reliable and trustworthy?


The website has two menus: one on the top of the page and one in the left side. The top menu bar is quite poor as it includes only Rolex, Omega and Breitling while the left side one lists over a dozen watch brands. The collection is very large and diverse.

Here, at we find very affordable replicas. The prices range from $100 to $160. The watches are equipped with automatic Japanese movement or with quartz movement. The price isn’t influenced by the inside movement. A quartz movement replica can have the same price as an automatic watch. The price is rather influenced by design and demand. is able to ship packages worldwide and the usual delivery fee is $20. It takes about 2 business days to dispatch the order and the estimated delivery time is 5-14 business days depending on the delivery country. Also, a tracking number is supplied for all shipped packages. This way you will always be able to see where your order is. You may also want to remember that if a package is unclaimed by the customer and it is returned to the company, they will not reship it free of charge. You will have to pay again the shipping fee so they can resend it, and this will be done only after it is delivered at their warehouse.


Most whitish replica stores I have seen so far are simple and beautiful because they base their appearance on a clean and elegant aesthetic, but what works for some websites is not necessarily the best choice for others. Using a white background isn’t enough to look professional and tidy. You have to balance the basic white look with complex and modern functions, enhanced and easy to use menu bars, beautiful statement banners and well dosed color accents. doesn’t do any of those things. Its appearance is blunt. It has that common white background, a barely noticeable menu bar and a blue banner of a Rolex Milgauss, a banner that I have seen on countless of other online replica stores.

Browsing through all its replica watches I noticed that the collection is quite large, but sadly it’s a real head ache to find a particular model as there is no option to filter your search by color of dial, bracelet, movement type or any other particularity. Some larger categories as Rolex are divided into collections like Daytona, DateJust, DayDate and so on, but even with this segregation it still is very difficult to browse the models as, for example, the Rolex DayDate collection has over 16 pages of products. Browsing through so many replica watches is really time consuming.

Regarding the product description page, this varies from model to model. Some watches may have a very long and inclusive description listing all the functions, design details and technicalities of a certain product while others may have just a four lines description mentioning only the basics specs of those replicas. Either way, this shows that the company is very careless about the necessity of its customers to find reliable and complete information on the website about these fake timepieces.

The accepted payment options are really unclear. In the bottom of the page we see the logos for Western Union and Money Gram, but after checking out we have Visa and Mastercard. Even more frustrating, after you click the Review and Confirm button you are taken to a payment page where only Visa is supported. This is just too much for anyone who values its time. Let’s say that you only own a Mastercard and you go through all the hassle of choosing a watch, registering an account, filling in your shipping details and at the end you discover that Mastercard is not supported. In this case you have wasted your time and energy for nothing. What does this say about the company’s respect towards its customers? That it doesn’t have any.

Returns or exchanges are accepted only if the company sent you an incorrect or defective product. If this is the case then you have 5 days to contact the company and request the return information. If the watch arrived and you simply do not like it or if you have changed your mind then tough luck for you. You have to keep it as it is. The company will not even consider replacing it or issuing a refund. Other unpleasant details are that you will be charged a 15% restocking fee and the returns costs are yours to pay. So think ten times before you decide to return a watch. It will end up costing you more than the watch itself.

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Pictures: The product pictures are a big disappointment for me. From product to product, the photographic style and the quality of the images vary. Some photos have a white background while others have a grayish one, some pictures look like professional catalog images while others look like amateur photos. Indeed, each product has about 5 images showing the watches from different angles, but the quality is quite poor and you can’t see the finer details. Another issue is that the images are watermarked with which is a different company’s name. Honestly, this doesn’t inspire any confidence.

Customer service:  These days in order to trust a replica online store; it needs to show that it is reliable and reachable. To give us the impression that it is easy to reach, it should at least provide a contact phone number, email address and chat option. is only able to provide an email address that seems highly unreliable: It does not even have a Contact Form on its website.

Summary: is the perfect example why we do not trust online replica stores. Even though it has a wide collection of replica watches and it offers very low prices, you wouldn’t go as far as risking ordering one of its fake watches. Why? Because it has unreliable customer service, product photos that seem to have been copied from different sources, unfair return policy and unclear payment options. I wouldn’t recommend this replica website to anyone who values its money and the security of his personal data.

Last modified: August 11, 2014

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